You’re Coming Off Stupid


Bad interviewees can be entertaining, some are hilarious. In Step Brothers the job interview scenes are brilliant and possibly my favourite part of the film, but when you are dealing with terrible candidates on a regular basis it can quickly lose it’s comedy value.  So I have some basic advice for candidates and some hope to offer to hiring managers.



No Brainers

Don’t swear

Don’t eat

Don’t be late

Don’t take a friend/ your mum

Don’t get drunk

Do shower

Do dress appropriately, not under not over

Do research the company and job role


Five Typical Terrible Candidates


Not Bothered

Do not play it cool. Excited and enthusiastic about the role? Show it. Act disinterested and you will lose their interest entirely.   If you appear bored in an interview, how will you act on the job? Employers want somebody who will bring energy and focus to their team, and will engage with the job. If you are genuinely not interested in the job, don’t go to the interview.  Which leads me to the next issue regularly encountered.



Just As Tom Hardy beautifully put it, in the film Legend “ W******,Waste of my time!” A no show is a waste of everyone’s time, so call and let them know you won’t be attending. It will take 15-30 seconds, and then you won’t be blacklisted. Also, it gives the interviewer the chance to book someone else for that slot. Don’t be selfish.


Captain B.S 

When a candidate says “My biggest flaw is I’m too much of a perfectionist” everyone knows what they really are, including themselves. If you are underqualified but a great talker there may be a small chance it will go undetected in the interview but it certainly won’t once you are on the job, so just be honest.


Bad Mouther

Many, many people have had a bad experience in a previous job and that may, in truth be why you are looking for a new place to work, but rein it in. Don’t slate your previous company, show some class and don’t come across as bitter. A crier won’t get hired.



Had a fight with your partner this morning? No one needs to know and particularly not your prospective new HR manager. Remember, it is an interview for a job, not a catch up with a mate, you must be professional, bad morning or not. Deal with Dave or Laura whoever is on your mind later.



There are plenty of articles offering advice on how not to be a bad interviewee, but other than not getting the job and maybe giving the interviewer and amusing story, what long term damage does a bad interview cause an individual? None really, they usually get to remain anonymous and if they don’t learn from it they just move on to the next terrible interview.


Unfortunately a bad interview or difficult hiring process can stick with a company and sadly become part of your company brand. Word of mouth via social media and sites such as glassdoor mean that  one person’s bad experience can quickly be discussed, reported gossiped about and passed on to many more people. This can be destructive so it’s important to get your hiring process right from day one.


At JobsTheWord we use big data and clever algorithms to find the best candidates for a job role then contact them direct via email to make them aware of the vacancy.  We feel that by getting the selection process right at this stage you could massively reduce the chance of a bad candidate even reaching the application stage no need to worry about the interview stage.


Take a look at and see how we could support your company.




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