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Many of us are scared of flying. The worst bit for me is the argument I have with myself throughout the preflight safety demonstration about whether I should get off the plane or not.

To me, the emergency plan they are presenting me with serves no purpose as my primitive brain screams “What’s the point? If something goes wrong, we are all going to die!” Thankfully there is a chance that my hysterical inner voice has got it wrong as there is much uncertainty involved in the outcome of a plane crash.  There is no way of knowing which type of fault may or may not occur, and there is no guarantee on where the plane may or may not crash land. So if something does start to go wrong, it is, of course, always worth having an emergency exit plan.

 I am not daring to say that Brexit will be as catastrophic for UK Businesses as a plane crash could be for some unfortunate travellers. However, there is a similar level of uncertainty to both situations. What is going to happen and what the outcome will be, is unknown. Many UK employers are suffering from pre-flight nerves when it comes to Brexit, and it is already causing problems in recruitment.  Brexit is to blame for reports of companies slowing down hiring and creating salary caps.  

On Monday an industry body said,  “Fewer British employers expect to hire staff in late 2016 and will raise pay by less than inflation next year as the effects of the decision to leave the European Union set in.”

Employers are shown to be worried about the loss of the ability to recruit workers from the EU as a result of a possible hard Brexit. Equally worrying is the prospect of EU workers being forced to leave the UK. Both issues would cause a shift in the balance of power in the job market from employer to employee. Many migrant workers hold skilled positions in healthcare education construction and manufacturing as these workforces decrease the wage rates would have to increase and become competitive. 

With UK companies already suffering from the loss of investment and the value of the pound falling employers are looking to cap salaries as a method of saving funds, the possibility of impending wage rises is unwelcome. As the European talent pool, decreases and businesses lose staff recruiting is going to become a very difficult task.  The suggestion of outsourcing recruitment as a way to deal with this, though it makes sense, is another cost that many companies do not need.

What Employers do need is something that will help them to deal with recruitment issues in a quick and cost-effective manner. JobsTheWord are happy to direct employers  to their emergency Brexit points with the aid of their survival tools to provide the support needed.

As you look above your head, you will see the oxygen mask to your recruiting campaign it is talent sourcing and analytics tech tool Horsefly.  Horsefly is the fastest way to find out exact salaries per location so you can remain competitive, but at the same time be more strategic about the roles you hire to certain locations,  supply and demand bring the salary down if you hire the role where there is plenty of supply.

Once your oxygen mask is secured and you have located the best and least expensive talent then it is time to reach under your chair and Wammee!  You have found your recruiting life jacket this part of the tech duo will help guide you in marketing your roles safely to the right candidates.”

JobsThe Word use supply and demand to the employer’s benefit. Detailed analytics of a smaller talent pool make employers more aware of and able to pick better candidates.

This service removes the need to outsource recruitment to specialist recruiters as a way of dealing with increasing difficulty.  Horsefly and Wammee give the user the expert skills required to recruit strategically and become a specialist in their chosen industry very quickly.

To Hopeful employers, a Brexit deal that will acknowledge the vital role skilled immigrant workers play in the UK is the desired outcome but if that does not happen it will be easier to deal with for those who have paid attention to the tools that are available to support their recruitment strategy.


Wishing everyone a safe Brexit.  









Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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