5 Hacks For Workplace Awesomeness

It is now becoming more important for companies to provide employees with those extra perks in order to become employer of choice in a competitive market for top talent.

Many of the world’s best tech employers are leading the way in terms of innovation, work environments, employee engagement and benefits. For example, free food, great company culture, on site gyms, massages, on site medical centres, games and more.

Companies are beginning to understand that there is a huge benefit to making their business not only an okay workplace, but a ‘great place to work’. Companies such as, Google, Facebook and Apple are leading the way making their culture and workforce top priority. They have set a benchmark that is beginning to be adopted by other businesses around the globe.

According to ‘Great Places To Work’, employee engagement is improving on a global level and those who do not implement improvement will be left behind. Studies have shown that the most engaged employees are significantly more productive, drive higher customer satisfaction and outperform those who are less engaged. Furthermore, as vacancies rise and candidates decline, it is more important than ever your role stands out in order to guarantee you not only attract new talent, but retain your current talent.

The top UK employer for engagement, according to Gallup Survey, was Accor Hotels, which came 23rd overall in the global ranking. The company to score highest in the list of multinational employers was search giant Google, closely followed by fellow technology companies SAS Institute and NetApp. But does more need to be done in terms of engaging UK employees?

Evidence shows that great workplaces lead to better business results giving companies higher levels of trust, pride and camaraderie. The question is

how do you engage your employees? how do you provide workplace awesomeness?

Apart from advice such as, mentioning, leadership, training opportunities and communication, I have put together five top tips to implement within your company environment to make your employees work-life a little more awesome. These five ‘hacks’ will help set your company apart from others, giving you a cultural difference candidates will not get from other employers.

1.  Work Environment

According to recent survey, The Human Spaces Report, employees who work in environments with natural elements report a 13% higher level of well-being and are 8% more productive overall.

However, the survey reported that 63% of office workers are now based in towns or city centres, therefore interactions with nature is becoming increasingly limited. 55% do not have access to any greenery in their working environment and shockingly, 42% of office employees have no natural light in their working environment.

Therefore, make sure natural light is beaming into the office and even though your view may not be beautiful spectacular green fields (as we are lucky enough to have here are at JobsTheWord) you can add some natural elements into the office, you could try plants or flowers. You could add some personality into your office, a splash of colour and imagery can go a long way.

To access the full report, click here.

2.  Sound

People frequently say that music helps them concentrate and get rid of tension. It decreases stress levels and it can put you in a great mood. Research was conducted among 2,000 workers by Powwownow, the UK’s leading free conference call service provider. It explored the psychological effects that music can have on individuals within the workplace and how this can affect everyday tasks such as specific meetings and responding to emails. Over 75% of respondents stated that music was a definite mood enhancer and the best way to boost your eagerness.

Powwownow’s Marketing Manager, Jacqui Keep, believes that companies can benefit from the power that music holds to boost productivity among employees and also affect their mood.

When you next organise a meeting, why not try playing some motivational background music. In certain environments music could be played out loud throughout the day. Ask your employees to suggest what songs should be played; this gives everyone a chance to express their interests, because we all have different tastes. Or you could make life easy of course and simply put the radio on!

3.  Fun Activities/Socialise

When leaders create a fun workplace, there is a significant increase in the level of employee’s trust, creativity, communication and productivity. Just 15 minutes of play could help your employees maximize the next couple of hours (hence the table tennis, mini golf and pool table here at JobsTheWord). Great for team camaraderie!

Whether you implement a quick break or introduce a sports activity, these activities promote employee confidence, encourage foundations of trust within the organisation and elevate the corporate sense of morale. As result these factors lead to increase productivity and profitability. Just ask our sales team!

4.  Health

We consume at least a third of our daily calorie intake while at work. What we eat and drink affects not just our health but our work performance too. Research by the British Dietetic Association found that during our working life, the average British worker spends a total of over £20,000 (around £2 a day) on a snack food, excluding their lunchtime or breakfast meals. Furthermore, one third of all workers skip breakfast and 44% of employees eat lunch at their desks.

The workplace clearly has a role to play in supporting people to make healthier choices. Improving access to healthier food and drinks at work could be an important first step in supporting individuals. By providing your employers with healthy snack options rather than quick fixes, you will be having a direct impact on peoples health and concentration.

5.  Communication

Communicate your values and culture explicitly and continuously, both internally and externally. Employees must understand your culture, and why it is important. Reward employees who advance your culture, and be open and honest with those who do not.

Create a clear Vision Statement for your company; this will also shape your identity as a company. For your employees to be fully productive it is important that they know that the job they are doing is really making a difference. By creating a vision statement about where you want your company to be in the future and how you want it to make the world a better place creates an air of striving for betterment in the workplace. This lays the foundation for a positive work culture. As your company grows, culture will help keep it on track, steer hiring decisions for the people who will maintain that success.

There is no magic formula for achieving a great workplace, and these are just a few ideas that can make your workplace different. The idea is to truly make a difference to your employees lives, they spend on average 32 hours a week at work and it is in your power to create an environment where both parties gain.

We are extremely lucky here at JobsTheWord – our offices and culture are truly awesome!

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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