Worker Sits Through 6,000 Meetings During Their Career

According to research by headset manufacturer Sennheiser Communications, the average British employee will sit through 6,240 meetings in their career.

70 per cent said they constantly zone out while in meetings and 60 per cent saying they find most meetings ‘pretty pointless’.

Sennheiser Communications surveyed 2000 people and found that one in five employees has nodded off in a meeting at some point in their career and one in ten was so relaxed they either dribbled or snored.

Charlotte Gaskin said: “Taking time out of your day to attend an offsite meeting when you know your input is not required or ignored is a huge inconvenience.

Many companies have a number offices around the country and even the world, so internal meetings can be a logistical nightmare.

It is worth considering the expense of travel, food and drink and overnight stays to determine whether a face to face meeting is really necessary.

Technology like conference calling, video calling and instant messaging mean clear, concise conversations can take place in a number of different offices anywhere around the world, thus cutting down on big expense bills.”

Top 10 things to do in a meeting:

  1. Doodle on a notepad
  2. Daydream about plans for the weekend
  3. Plan what you are having for dinner that night
  4. Stare aimlessly out of the window
  5. Exchange glances with your colleagues
  6. Think about what you’re going to watch on telly that night
  7. Think about how much you hate your job
  8. Scroll through your newsfeed on Twitter or Facebook pretending to check your work emails
  9. Text friends or family making out you are texting a colleague
  10. Write a shopping list

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