A Word From Damon Pimlott

Damon is a global talent acquisition strategy specialist at Boeing. He is currently responsible for designing, testing and implementing cutting-edge global sourcing solutions, focusing on niche technical talent markets including Data Science, Cyber Security, Systems & Software Engineering.

Challenges With Data
Throughout my career in recruitment and talent acquisition, there has always been a need for talent market intelligence. Within large, transformational organisations, requirements around what I am looking for are subject to frequent change. Labour intensive interrogation of multiple sources are often required to deliver robust and credible market-wide intelligence.

Previously it would take 2-3 weeks for my team to collate all the data we needed around talent demographics within a particular location. This would be through manual efforts, the use of data aggregators, government sources, well-known tools in talent data analytics, and various other online resources. We had to use multiple sources to make sure we gathered a fair breadth of data in order to summarise an honest reflection of the market.

Beyond the high labour cost, a 2-3 week cycle time left us vulnerable to changes in requirement parameters which often forced us back to square one. For this reason, it was imperative that the talent acquisition function obtained more immediate visibility of the entire population, with assured accuracy of data. This was the need that lead me to Horsefly, talent market analytics.

Adopting Horsefly
I was an early adopter of Horsefly using the heat mapping functionality for various internal reports during my consulting projects, there was nothing quite like it on the market, using it I could display concisely what talent was visible and what talent was not.

Originally I piloted Horsefly in the UK and the feedback it received across the board from those that had access to it (HR Business Partners, Hiring Managers and Recruiters) was phenomenal. The reception was so complimentary that we decided to partner with JobsTheWord, building out the capability in further territories (US, India). This decision was expedited by our experience of the intuitive ease of use of the software, the speed of the real-time data and the accuracy of the output.

Although the raw data was available, JobsTheWord hadn’t yet released new territories to the market as they still had work to do on the structure around the data, so I naturally expected certain issues and delays in the process. However, the process was seamless and issues failed to appear, instead, I was impressed with the speed of the expansion and by the robustness of the data.

For me, there are core aspects of Horsefly that elevate it above other comparable data tools I have experienced.

Other products failed to offer the same level of detail across territories, where Horsefly allows you to focus beyond big cities and allows you to extend the radius of your requirements.
Horsefly provides highly sophisticated multilevelled parameter based searching. In my experience, using another recognised global talent analytics tool was frustrating, as it didn’t allow me to search for the intricacies required for niche or hard to fill roles or it provided projection based data, that was often unreliable or misleading.

Currency of Data
Horsefly is palpably refreshed at a much more frequent rate to other sources I’ve used.

In the past, I’ve had to counter-balance data sources with other visible sources in the market to give it a reality and a context. This increased delivery cycle time and required layering calculations where data was contradictory between sources, whereas Horsefly data stands on its own.

Ease of Use
Anyone can use Horsefly. This is critical in organisations with cross-functional, global teams of users who need to be trained/familiarised with the capability. The intuitiveness enables talent analytics to become quickly embedded within operational and strategic talent acquisition teams.

Horsefly really helps me to change the way I advertise roles and makes sure that the taxonomy is reaching the right audience. Gender diversity health is a good example of an increasingly important hiring criterion, being able to use terminology that was demonstrated to encourage more female applications, particularly in STEM areas, has been really crucial. Horsefly has meant we have seen great improvements in the diversity health of our applicant pools.

Additionally, the intuitive nature of Horsefly has made it efficient to adopt. When compared to other well-known tools on the market, which have endless drop-down fields and clicks required to get you to where you need to be. Understanding software can be a lengthy process that requires the investment of time and effort. Across a global enterprise, that equates to hundreds of hours of cost. Horsefly has cut a process that would take weeks down to minutes, allowing us to direct our business with real-time credible intelligence.

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