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After a terrible day with the ladies in his life, experimenting with some products from work,  Mel Gibson puts on some lipstick and a pair of tights,  he then accidentally falls into the bath and suffers an electric shock . The shock somehow gives him the power to hear what women are thinking about and so he is able to understand what women  want.

Now I’m sure if it was down to boredom or my passion for recruitment, let’s say it was a bit of both, but I started thinking. What if recruiters had the power to understand what candidates are looking for?   Could it be like the film?  Could everyone be happy? Well, happy after working out a few kinks and some much needed “I just wanna be a good guy” self discovery time, otherwise the film would only be 30 minutes long.


Why aren’t candidates more honest about what they want?  Maybe they would worry they could be lied to and offered false promises. Maybe it’s a fear of underselling themselves or maybe some just don’t know  exactly what they want.


A way of setting your company apart from others is to understand what candidates look for in a role and what makes employees excited to stick around long term. What if you didn’t need to suffer a nearly fatal electric shock to do that? Well you don’t. You really don’t. In real life you would just die, so don’t bother trying that. Research nice safe realistic research  has shown that candidates want compensation.


First,  most importantly and maybe obviously its pay. You cannot and will not get away with underpaying top talent,  not for long anyway. Keep on top of market rates.

Location comes second in a list of priorities. If the job is not conveniently located it is important to find a way to make a long commute bearable or somehow more beneficial to the employee.

Modern workers also desire flexibility. With daily developments in technology, the office is no longer restricted to one place and 9 to 5. Phones laptops  and Internet give people the freedom to work as and when, that is something worth thinking about. Studies have shown that working from home even for just a day or two a week can increase an employees happiness and productivity.


But that’s not all. When it comes to your hiring process, you’re also being judged by your candidates.

Candidates want to be able to enjoy a smooth and efficient hiring process, preferably without the use of recruitment agencies. Our recent survey shows what hiring managers are currently working to improve in their recruiting strategy.


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There’s some way to go to eliminate agency use entirely and this hinges on the ability of in-house teams to reduce direct sourcing time. Investing in the use of social media and the employer brand profile are seen as important initiatives for attracting good candidates.



At JobsTheWord we build 270m candidate profiles using snippets from the social web and  fill in all the missing skill gaps to produce a complete picture of every candidate profile.  How?  We are unfortunately unable to read minds like Mel Gibson’s womanising character so instead we use artificial intelligence mathematics and data to work things out.  We have machine learned our “bots” with domain intelligence from our 270m profiles worldwide, this enables us to complete candidate profiles regardless of their role type. Our Diverse Sourcing Method reduces sourcing time  and utilises social media.  We focus on employer branding in our presentation of a company’s job vacancy through a direct email to the candidate and we then build that company a talent pool of active and passive candidates.


Our Survey also looked at Passive Candidates


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The respondents were very clear about the importance of passive candidates (rated 6-10), even if they weren’t currently in need of them.

One way of reducing sourcing time is to reach beyond the active candidate market to develop a pipeline of passive candidates. Building a trusting relationship with future candidates might be expected to reduce delays when a role with scarce skills comes up.

We are able to create a trusting and familiar pool of highly skilled passive candidates looking forward to hearing from your company.

So without exploiting anyone’s feelings or inner thoughts we can give you what workers want, from the hiring process at least, which leaves you able to focus time and money in the other areas.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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