We will look for you…


The popular thriller ‘Taken’ stars Liam Neeson as Bryan the moody and extremely intense retired Government Agent. While on a trip to Paris with her equally annoying friend, Bryan’s daughter Kim has ofcourse been kidnapped by Albanian human traffickers. After running the details of his daughter’s kidnap past his secret agent contacts Bryan is informed that he has, “at most 96 hours before Kim will disappear forever”

For me and probably no one else, ever, but bear with me, Bryan working against time to get his daughter back echoes the struggle of hiring managers across the country. Don’t leave.  He knows the normal route of alerting the authorities will take too long to get results if any, so he travels to Paris to locate his missing daughter himself.

With this in mind are we calling ourselves recruiting’s answer to Liam Neeson.

Yes, yes we are.

We do have a very particular set of skills, skills we have acquired over a fairly long career and using our access to the UK’s largest social data base and clever algorithms. We will look for, we will find your ideal candidate …and we will invite them to apply for your vacancy.

Not quite as sinister as the iconic “I will find you and I will kill you” threats to the Albanian human traffickers but the sentiment is the same.  According to a recent survey the biggest obstacle in a successful recruitment campaign is time.  With “Lack of time at 46% ”  and “No access to ideal software or technology at 9%”  … employers need a recruitment hero who can offer these things.

“46% of hiring managers say TIME — not budget — is the biggest barrier to solving recruitment problems”


Working to be that hero and to change the face of recruitment using technology we have disrupted the recruitment procedure and sped it up significantly. Using big data and clever algorithms we can profile people using skills, experience, companies and location. Collecting publicly available data from the social web and pairing it with our clever technology we are able to reach out to the active and the sought after passive candidate with the exact skills and experience recruiters are looking for. The role and company brand is then marketed to the ideal candidates only, who are invited to apply direct to the employing business eliminating the time spent attempting to attract applicants and time spent sorting through CV’S.

SPOILER ALERT just as Neeson’s character tracked down his slightly, well not slghtly massivley irritating daughter  you remember that weird run she does at the airport and she basically brought it on herself, you just don’t get in a taxi with a stranger ever! Sorry, so just as he tracks down his daughter, we know that with less violence and attitude but replicating his impressive speed and efficiency, we will track down the best candidates for your job vacancy and direct them to you or we could even keep them safe for you in your very own talent pool.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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