Warning: Job Boards Are Planning To Increase Prices

According to research by recruitment marketing specialists, GKS Associates, 95 per cent of job boards are planning to hike prices in 2015.

40 job boards were surveyed, 38 were planning rises above the rate of inflation with the average increase being 7 per cent, the highest was 20 per cent and the lowest 2 per cent.

Principal consultant and Director of GKS Associates, Robert Woodford, commented “we’ve seen the shift in most sectors over the last 18 months from a client led to candidate led market, understandably job boards have picked up on that and feel confident that they can put up prices.”

Woodford continues “but not only do they think they can put them up, some of the price increases are staggering and something I’ve not seen for a good number of years. This goes across both generalist and niche boards which is also an interesting development.”

“Two things are important. Firstly recruitment companies need to really look at their job board strategy and alternative sourcing methods.

There are lots of methods out there to drive candidate attraction”

The price increase shows how the recruitment industry has become extremely reliant on job boards, the job board is the first place for most agencies desperate to locate talent. Recruiters seem to want stick with what they know, but old ways don’t open new doors.

Job boards have many flaws, they don’t provide a balance between volume and quality. Using an online job board with such a high amount of job seekers registered on the site might seem desirable, but it also means when you post a job, you receive a lot of unwanted applications from people who by no stretch of the imagination meet the specified requirements. So what happens? You are literally inundated with resumes, most of which are spam, wasting your valuable time and ultimately your companies money. This is a warning to recruiters who rely on job boards, there are great alternative just waiting to be utilised.

We Want To Help…

We want to help businesses make better hiring decisions. The risks are high, the market is competitive and you are in a war for talent. JobsTheWord can help.

Thanks to the internet, social networking and smartphones, more data is being collected and stored than ever before. 98 per cent of the world’s information is now stored digitally, the volume of data has quadrupled since 2007 and it’s still growing.

Big data has ability to analyse hundreds of millions of tiny snippets of information, in a multitude of different formats extracted from the internet each day, and we are using this to discover high quality candidates.

This means you receive applicants with the right skills, experience, culture and attitude you desire for your next hire. You don’t need to sift through hundreds or even thousands of resumes, you now have the right balance between volume and quality, rather than a desk full of poor quality candidates. This means you can spend your time much more rationally, making sure the person you hire is perfect for your role.

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