UK Workers Unhappy In Their Jobs

According to a recent study by Investors in People (IIP), 60 per cent of workers are unhappy in their current role.

IIP’s annual Jobs Exodus survey also found that there has been a 10 per cent increase in people who are considering moving jobs since the start of 2014. As the economy gains pace, British businesses need to be careful that they invest in their talented employees who may be considering a job change.

Lack of job satisfaction was the primary reason for the employees desire to change roles. 48 per cent think they would be more satisfied elsewhere. Interestingly, job satisfaction is deemed more important than pay, while feeling valued at work by leadership teams is also rated as one of the highest factors.

The research should be a stark wake up call to many businesses.”

– Paul Devoy, head of IIP

Men are more likely to move jobs, with 59 per cent thinking of changing job, compared to 56 per cent of women. Businesses in London, Brighton and Bristol face the highest risk of staff departures, with 66 per cent, 64 per cent and 63 per cent considering moving.

Paul Devoy, head of IIP, said: “This exodus is driven by workers that value the wide range of professional and personal benefits that a good employer can bring: career progression, job satisfaction and development of expertise. Employers must carefully consider what they offer their staff; an active jobs market can be a blessing to those who raise the standard of how they treat, train and develop their people.”

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