UK Firms Neglect Employee Training

According to new research by Opinium on behalf of online training specialists, Filtered, universities and schools are thought to be doing a better job of preparing UK employees for the world of work than businesses themselves.

Over 2,000 adults in employment across the UK were surveyed and discovered that only 25 per cent revealed that they’d received training on the skills they need, despite 60 per cent claiming that they needed key workplace skills in order to perform their roles successfully.

In addition, 80 per cent of participants surveyed felt confident in their preparedness for work following university, and 58 per cent after leaving school.

85 per cent of people surveyed stated that there is no compulsory training offered by their place of work.

The survey findings also show a relationship between training and company size. The biggest culprits are small businesses (less than 50 staff), only 20 per cent of the workforce is receiving the right training. Medium-sized firms (50-1,000 staff) 40 per cent of staff receive training. This may be explained by smaller and zero training budgets at small firms. However, Filtered’s research also found that workers in large enterprises (over 1,000 staff) also fell short with only 20 per cent of the workforce receiving training. This could indicated staff are getting ‘lost’ in larger firms.

Marc Zao-Sanders, Co-Founder and MD at Filtered believes that “firms that are neglectful of training will be unable to keep up with market changes and the competition and this will ultimately affect performance.

“Whether it’s a move to integrate new technologies or changes to process, businesses need to be responsive and that will largely be through an informed and aware workforce,” he says.

Zao-Sanders also stressed the importance of training employees as it allows workers to “perform better in their role for the benefit of the business as well as the individual.

“It can be reassuring and even inspiring for staff to know that their employer is investing in them. Training can quite easily be the difference between a happy and unhappy workforce,” he concludes.

Filtered joins the British Chamber of Commerce (BCC) in calling on businesses of all sizes and in all sectors in the UK to invest in workforce training.

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