TruLondon 2016 – skinny jeans, heckling and Watson.

My first Tru event was based in the relaxing and stylish surroundings of Broadbean HQ which matched the Bill Boorman-esque dress code everyone seems to be adopting.  The event wasn’t strictly staged, very informative relaxed and comfortable.

Throughout the day I was pleasantly surprised by the honest and much less guarded sharing of ideas it was a very different experience to what I have come to expect of these type of events.


Leading minds in recruitment spoke openly and even seemed comfortable sharing issues.  At times the whole experience genuinely felt more like a day out with friends rather than a business event, it was all round less intense corporate meeting and more a comfortable meeting of minds.

This was reinforced when the encouraged heckling of presenters began.  Unlike the gut wrenching comedy store style heckling that the majority of us fear when presenting our new ideas, it actually created an incredibly useful opportunity for presenters to deal with difficult questions in a trusted environment.

At the end of the day I left feeling refreshed, armed with new knowledge and confident in our own direction, the other products that stood out to me were…

This company turn job titles and candidate applications into shapes which can then be matched together…lot’s more to it, but, that’s the basic overview.

The most notable feature was the stunning UI / UX which really was fluid and offered absolutely no barriers of use.  It takes a leap of faith for company wide adoption but it could definitely work and it would be great to see further adoption in the tech space.  On top of that the CEO, Hung Lee was a really cool guy.


IBM – BrassRing Kenexa They seemed to have lots of names!

I was really interested to see this one, we had run some tests on their Sentiment API, it gave us spectacular visuals, but the results were in an IBM set categorisation and couldn’t really fit into our workflow.

It still got us excited. They presented a heavy analytics suite which is widely branded as cognitive, a nice change from the usual.  Their product was specifically designed for bigger corporates with lots of structured data, so you need to put in a lot of data to get something good out.  Some of the reports included: How does average tenure compare to performance ratings? What is my employees average performance rating? What sources are my employees coming from? They mentioned moving to a system that could read unstructured data from HR, it would be brilliant if they could do it, but I couldn’t understand how, maybe I’ll ask Watson.

A really clever idea they presented was Ai for internal employees.  Employees could ask a company bot questions e.g.  What jobs match my profile?  It really was something special, I would have loved to spend some time with it, they should put a live version for IBM on their site.

At JobsTheWord we have been playing with a similar idea to carry out the first part of the recruiter process and expand the context of an application. For example: we would like to automate questions around each position to identify if applicants have alternative skills not mentioned on their CV and understand the depth of their experience.

Definitely the cleverest bit of tech on the day (apart from JobsTheWord of course 🙂 )

Their tech was created by a clever guy Damien Glancy, it basically paints a picture of candidates who are looking at your jobs and their associated behaviour. If someone lands on the page and clicks apply within 2 seconds, you will know. You can even monitor if they research other parts of your site. It seamlessly integrates into all ATS and was described as Hubspot for Recruitment by a few people I spoke to.


From JobsTheWord perspective it was fantastic to conduct valuable product research with leading minds in recruitment. The experience really helped us to identify our strengths and weaknesses.

I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing my colleagues faces when I arrive at the office in my new skinny jeans and bowler hat.

If you would like a personalised show and tell of our new analytics product, please contact us or book a demo slot direct:

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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