Tis The Season of The Job Hunt

With party season in full swing recruiters know the last thing on people’s minds is searching for that perfect role via job boards, making them even less effective than usual, and thereby switching normally active candidates into passive mode.

However, our data gives tangible evidence that just because candidates have stopped actively looking until the New Year, it doesn’t mean they won’t apply for that perfect job when it is personally presented to them in December.

And we’ve done a quick calculation to back this up. For two years running our records show there has been an increase in the number of people applying for every role emailed to them personally during December.

Last year it turns out the average applicants per job between Christmas and January represented an overall increase of 24%!

With our unique service, the search part of the process is alleviated for candidates and so companies can get ahead of the competition by actively marketing their jobs to passive candidates using big data recruitment technology.

Our technology enables us to drill down and select the perfect people for roles and instantly market these directly to them via their mobile devices. This is a great result for companies who come back to quality applicants for their key positions enabling not just a “New Year, Fresh Start” for candidates, but for these forward thinking companies too!

So while employers should definitely switch off the lights and enjoy all the fun of the festive season, they should not switch off the opportunity to capture 2015 talent before their competition do!

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