This Is My Profile. There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Mine.


Some time ago I was hunting for a new job. I shuddered at the thought of updating my CV. It seemed like such an arduous task, updating my job role information, detailing the experience I had gained, describing the skills I had, then trying to crow bar in the reasons why I was a much needed addition to the team etc. 

Uninspired by myself I clicked over to my Myspace page.  An online profile where I would happily go ahead and update my profile picture and change my profile song (to suit my current mood of course). I would alter my about me section, who was I this week? What were my new interests? Maybe I would add in that I’m job hunting. Then I ‘d desperately need to change the order of my  best friends because I had  been seeing Gary so much more than Laura lately and She was number 2 and he was only number 4! Why not change my name again? Do you remember your Myspace name? Are you pretending you don’t? So am I.

Back to the CV and application forms. Or, I could join Facebook, add a profile picture, add my previous occupation, a status, some likes and my hometown.  Welcome to the self-indulgent world of me. It was so much more appealing to spend my time updating an online profile rather than updating a CV or filling in an application form. Even now that I am older, and a little wiser, it still is, but why?

Maybe it’s because we class it as social. We also enjoy feedback and instant feedback such as likes and comments is best. Then there’s the idea that it is our own personal profile  so there is no pressure to put right or wrong information. It’s an honest reflection of ourselves (mostly).

Years ago I remember wishing I could just use my profile to get a job, it would be so much easier.

That is exactly what is happening now, and it is easier, for everyone.

Employers have been using social media for a while as a way to learn more about candidates than ever before without even having a phone interview. The progression to use it to actually hire was to be expected.  The trick is to have a clever social media strategy.

Branding on both sides is an issue which must be addressed. As a candidate you must create your own brand using social media. Your profile now needs to be more of a reflection of your professional self. Company branding is now so important. If a business is thinking of hiring via social media, there needs to be a strong awareness of the company. There is no better place to raise awareness than social media and companies can also use this to build trust and interest in their brand.

Clued-up employers are looking into and some are already using tools to assist their new hiring strategy. At JobsTheWord we use the mass amount of data available from social media and other sources to create our own profiles for all professionals. We then use clever algorithms to match these profiles to vacancies. We even have accurate profiles for passive candidates who may not have even thought about updating their CV yet.  For this reason and many more we really can put a business that much need step ahead in recruiting.

It seems like my wish all those years ago has been well and truly granted, social media and recruitment now go hand in hand. Candidates can enjoy updating their LinkedIn Facebook and Twitter accounts knowing that it could almost definitely lead you to the next step in your career.

Employers can and should look into building their own social media strategy. If they are interested in using big data to their advantage they should take a look at what we do at We have developed an amazing product, designed to utilise social media for so much more than just snooping on future employees’ profiles.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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