The Importance of Workplace Culture in Attracting Candidates

For the first time 100 organisations achieved ‘Best Workplace’ status in Great Work Place’s programme, which has now been running for 14 years in the UK.

Chief Executive, Tom O’Bryne, explains: “More and more businesses recognise not only the importance of trust and engagement, but also the impact that being recognised as a Best Workplace has on employer branding.”

“Employees are also proud to tell others where they work and with two thirds of the final score coming from the employee survey, it really is down to what employees think.”

So what does a ‘Great Workplace’ look like?

  • Highly engaged people committed to helping the organisation achieve its business objectives and going the extra mile for customers
  • Line managers that ensure employees feel trusted and supported
  • Employees with confidence in the senior leaders and the direction in which they are taking the organisation
  • A sense of camaraderie between employees: they enjoy working with their colleagues and are proud of where they work and what they do

Top Five Areas for Improving Engagement

Great Workplace’s studies show that more engaged means more productive and that fun is an important driver of engagement.

  1. Ensure fair reward, recognition and appreciation
  2. Provide a fun place to work
  3. Encourage work-life balance
  4. Build employee pride by contributing to the community
  5. Promote fairness so that people feel they are all in it together

You can read the full report here

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