The Angriest Man

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Once upon a time there was a terrible receptionist.

The phone rang.

It was an angry man. He was annoyed because one of the company’s idiot drivers had cut him up, or something like that, honestly she wasn’t listening properly. It was almost dinner time and she had bigger things on her mind.

Five minutes later she still wasn’t listening, she already knew their drivers were idiots, the majority of the company were idiots who couldn’t care less about their jobs and or company reputation  anyway eventually the angry man stopped roaring and asked to speak to a manager.


The receptionist tried her usual trick of adjusting her voice. “Hello I’m a manager” she said.

He was onto her, not amused in the slightest and swore in response to her cheek.  She giggled and put him back on hold. She loved her on hold button dearly.

She waited for her manager to finish his third cigarette of the afternoon. He was a terrible manager and this was why she adored him.  His dry sense of humour accompanied by his genuine depression which she believed was one hundred percent brought on by his hate for his job had her in stitches laughing every single day.

She briefly explained the situation  “There’s an angry man on the phone”

He exhaled for what seemed like 10 seconds, impressive considering he was easily a 20 a day smoker and took the call.

He cared about the man’s complaint as much as the receptionist did. The angry man sensed this he knew the driver wouldn’t be sacked or probably even disciplined. This pushed him into rage. He informed the manager that he would be getting the address off the internet and coming down to the office.

The manager the receptionist and the rest of the office laughed.  


He arrived.  The receptionist volunteered to make the afternoon coffee this meant she could get a closer view of the MD’s office she was finding the whole situation  much more entertaining than doing anything work based.

The MD of the company was a nightmare in his own right. Even though angry man was right to complain, even though all of the staff he had encountered so far were in the wrong and there was nothing the MD loved more than calling a staff meeting and verbally ripping everyone’s heads off the receptionist had a feeling he would somehow make the situation worse.


She was right. So much worse. It all kicked right off. The police were called.

 This was when she panicked.

“It’s all going to come back on me now” she thought

“They will see that this man has just been messed around by everyone,

There’s me being forced to do the on call at the weekend”


She wouldn’t get sacked. You just couldn’t get sacked from this place not permanently anyway.


The police arrived.  Her colleagues were still waiting for their coffee,

The police, the MD, a manger and the angry man went into the big office and shut the door.


There was a lot of shouting, a loud bang, then what sounded like a woman screaming and she was pretty  sure she could hear the manager crying.


The door opened, the desk was smashed into pieces and the angry man was on the floor, motionless.

The police had actually tazered him.


The terrible receptionist felt bad.


Moral of the story. Depends which angle you are reading from really.

If you are not doing your job properly sort yourself out or quit and do something different or people may get hurt even tazered and if you somehow get away with it you will still feel guilty.

Moral of the story.  If you are a business owner make sure you have staff who are qualified capable and motivated to do a good job. From drivers to receptionists to managers they all play a vital part in making sure you don’t end up with an office full of lunatics, police and smashed up desks, which is never good for business.


Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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