Taking The Pain Out Of Recruitment in 2015

2015 is upon us and so I thought it would be helpful to present some of the recruitment pain our new clients highlighted to us in 2014, and how we resolved their issues to quickly and cost effectively fill their roles using big data.

The first question posed to anyone making an initial enquiry with JobsTheWord is:

What recruitment methods are you using at present to find the people you need for your vacancies?

Replies naturally vary depending on the size of the company, however the topics of pain don’t; these are some of their dilemmas and my responses as to how was able to help.

Part One covers some of the issues our clients find using recruitment agencies. Part Two will cover Job Boards and Part Three, LinkedIn Recruiter.

Part One – Issues Using Recruitment Agencies

Client: The expense, but it’s the only way we know to find the people we need, especially those in niche sectors.

Steve: We have access to over 10 million candidate profiles and our data is refreshed every 10 days, so it’s a living, breathing database of active and passive talent. Candidates are difficult to find because many are passive; they’re not on CV databases, or active on the job boards commonly used by recruitment agencies. Let’s book a ‘Go To Meeting’ and we can show you how we can find these people at a fraction of the cost of a recruitment ageny.

Client: We have a very small HR Department and we need to find staff urgently.

Steve: We do the legwork in finding people, so all you need to do is brief us and we’ll do the rest. You receive applications from those who are interested in the role with the right skill sets; this means you don’t have to spend any time searching for people, or having to sift through irrelevant applicants.

Client: We need to recruit people as soon as possible. We don’t have time to waste trying to do it ourselves, so cost at this stage is irrelevant; how are you different to an agency?

Steve: We can get a campaign up and running immediately, meaning that in most cases you will receive relevant applications within the first 24 hours. What’s more we don’t charge placement fees, so, this is a cost effective way of reaching out to candidates with the right skills and experience. If there was a solution that would find you the same, if not better calibre of candidates, but without the cost would that be of interest?

Client: Agencies don’t understand the business/role and send us irrelevant candidates.

Steve: Our intelligent machine learning technology understands the relationship between the skills you’re looking for and those skill sets found within our database. In terms of what’s required, we are guided by you; this way we can ensure we only target relevant candidates.

Client: We regularly get sent the same CV from multiple agencies.

Steve: By using our services you get to see candidates you have never seen before and your reliance on agencies will diminish so this won’t be an issue for you in the future.

Client: We are not able to promote our employer brand as most adverts are posted anonymously.

Steve: With your input, our copywriting team can send your opportunity and employer brand to candidates via email. Our recent Candidate Voice Survey tells us this is their preferred method of communication, rather than being called by agencies.


Yes, I am unashamedly promoting what we do, but I’m very proud of what we achieve here at JobsTheWord, and the way we can help our clients by making the recruitment process much easier for them.

What’s more, all the suitable candidates that come through the process belong to our clients, to store in their Talent Pool for the future – all at no additional cost.

So it feels good to know that I’ve helped my clients save their precious time and money to get the results they want quickly. I’m looking forward to a repeat performance in 2015!

Read Part Two covering dilemmas using Job Board here.

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