Taking The Pain Out Of Recruitment in 2015 – Job Boards

Part Two of our series highlighting some of the recruitment pain our clients experienced throughout 2014, covers the issues they have using job boards. This is how I helped to address them to successfully fill their roles.

Part Two – Issues Using Job Boards

Client: We get loads in terms of volume, but very little relevancy. As a result we spend a great deal of time CV sifting.

Steve: We only contact people with the right skills and experience; this means that you don’t spend time sifting through irrelevant applicants, only those with the experience you are looking for and interested in your brand. I give examples of previous clients’ experiences such as, Thomas Cook and Maersk Line.

Client: We hardly receive anything, just a few irrelevant CVs. This may be because our roles are niche, or in a difficult location./We are seeing the same candidates again and again.

Steve: We have access to over 10 million candidate profiles, both active and passive. These candidates are difficult to find because they are passive, they don’t search the job boards. Our data is refreshed every 10 days, so it’s a living, breathing database of active and passive talent. Let’s book a GTM and we can show you how we can find these people.

Client: The people we want don’t search job boards.

Steve: Exactly! The people you are looking for are probably working with a competitor, or in a similar business, unaware that you’re hiring; they could be very interested if they knew about it. Let’s book a ‘Go To Meeting’ and we can show you how we can find these people.

Client: Very frustrated trying to contact people, but getting no reply after spending time sourcing.

Steve: That’s because you’re fishing in the same pool as everybody else – in house recruiters and recruitment agencies. The same candidates are becoming inundated with emails and phone calls, which results in them switching off and becoming unreachable. We reach out to everyone with the right skills, not just the active.

Client: A great deal of the CVs we see are outdated.

Steve: I can understand the frustration given the time you spend searching for people. If you contact somebody because their CV says they’re a Java Developer but now they’re a CTO, it may also explain why you don’t hear back from people – their contact details are probably out of date too! Our data is refreshed every 10 days, so it’s a living, breathing database of active and passive talent.

Yes, as I said in Part One which related to Recruitment Agencies, I am unashamedly promoting what we do, but I’m proud of what we do here at JobsTheWord, and the way we can help our clients by making the recruitment process much easier for them. What’s more, all the suitable candidates that come through the process belong to them, to store in their Talent Pool for the future – all at no additional cost.

So it feels good to know that I’ve helped my clients save their precious time and money to get the results they want quickly. I’m looking forward to a repeat performance in 2015! You can get in touch with Steve for answers to your questions by calling 0207 193 0220, or email steve@jobstheword.co.uk

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Head of Partnerships
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