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Let the data see the algorithm.

A working relationship is a lot like a romantic relationship. If we are talking a super intense whirlwind “Hey I think I know a little bit about you, why not go on two dates maximum and then move in together” relationship.

If you have a little think about it the manner in which working relationships begin is actually insane. The whole hiring system seriously needs to stop being such a hormonal teenager.

Working full time we easily spend more time with our work colleagues than we do with our romantic partners and families. It’s vital that colleague’s skills, culture and work ethic compliment each other.  We’ve all either been in or at least witnessed a bad working match within a company at some point, it’s painful for all involved. Bad working relationships rapidly become abusive, be it at the hands of frustrated managers and co-workers or by those liberty taking employees.

Why do these bad matches happen? Well going back to what we looked at before, the two dates let’s move in situation. There is not enough time put into the hiring process. No businesses I know of, especially start-ups have the time to properly, as my grandad would say, “court” an employee.  Recruitment is already accountable for a great amount of wasted time and money without companies putting extra effort into learning who a person is before inviting them aboard.

With this in mind we would like to introduce ourselves as your very much needed work place wingman.

Millions of people use data in the quest for romance and or whatever they are looking for from a relationship. Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Match.com they are what people typically look to when they have had enough of face to face dating failures.

So why are hiring managers not doing the same when searching for candidates? Well it may just be because they don’t know how to.

We know how. We use artificial intelligence and big data to match the right candidates to the right jobs.  We find the most qualified candidates for your job roles based on skills and experience. Research shows the best candidates are not actively in the market so even if the best person to do a job isn’t looking we will still be able to find them.

Arguably we can’t do all the work for you. Even a person who fits all the skills and experience criteria could still turn out to be some kind of lunatic but what we, as your wingman, can do is buy you that all important time. By only sending your job role to candidates with the relevant skills and qualification you can be sure that all applicants will be good for the job. This means time is freed up for interviewer to make sure the candidate is also good for the company.

By doing all of the legwork at the start of the hiring process you can make interviews more about getting to know the applicants personality and like a tacky trip to Fernando’s it could lead to the start of a beautiful relationship.



Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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