“Stats show that over 70% of professionals are in the passive market” [1]


Becky is looking for a new job.

Becky is sick of her manager Mark, commenting on her frequent lateness.

Becky can’t stomach the thought of working another week with Paula in accounts.

Becky has been caught online shopping one too many times and knows that the end is nigh.

Becky is looking for a job similar to what she already does, not because she is good at it or even likes it, but because it is all she has ever done.

She is an active Candidate


Susan is not looking for a new job.

Susan has a healthy working relationship with her co-workers.

Susan takes pride in her work and focuses on her daily tasks.

Susan is happy with her job and is working hard to build a successful career.

Susan is not looking for a new job she is great at her job and utilises all of her skills and abilities.

She is a passive Candidate.

Everybody wants a Susan but where can you find one?

There are plenty active candidates out there hunting for jobs and I am of course simplifying and wildly exaggerating in the above table to make a point. Not everyone looking for a new job is guaranteed to be a “Becky” but the people you want filling your available job roles are not necessarily the candidates who are actively looking right now.

Susan is really hard to connect with, she has InMail notifications turned off, her profile / CV isn’t available on job boards and even Recruitment Agencies can’t reach her, here are some facts about passive candidates like Susan [2]:

  • 67%  want to be contacted in the first instance via a direct personal email
  • 14% prefer via LinkedIn
  • 12% want to work with a recruitment agent
  • 7% other (telephone, adverts etc)

This is where JobsTheWord are a step or two ahead.

We have 10m UK based people most of whom are in the passive market. We have plenty of Susan’s.

When given a job advert JobsTheWord use a mixture of clever technology (Ai, Big Data) and human expertise to create a shortlist of matching candidates.

Your job opportunity and key messages from your employer brand are used to market your opportunity to the matching candidates personal email (passive candidates preferred method of contact).

By working with JobsTheWord you receive fresh applicants from valuable people you can’t reach using other sources.

Sounds simple, the best ideas usually are and the reason why the likes of Facebook, MBNA, ShopDirect and even the Mi5 are using JobsTheWord.

[1] LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2015
[2] JobsTheWord Candidate Voice

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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