Adecco's social recruiting study: Social Media is The New Job Market Place

The world’s leading provider of HR solutions Adecco Group, has published its latest report on #SocialRecruiting. Adecco’s Global social recruiting study takes an in-depth look at how the digital age is transforming the recruitment industry, allowing companies to reach targeted candidates and create new forms of employer branding, as well as helping candidates interact with their potential future employer.

Over 17,000 jobseekers and more than 1,500 recruiters from 24 countries took part in Adecco’s study. The results show that social media is, and will increasingly become, the new job market place, however the impact and best practices are not always clear for both the job seekers and the recruiters.

Adecco reported 7 out of 10 recruiters use social media for their daily HR activities. The most active sector present on social media are in recruiting. However, among HR professionals who use social media for recruitment purposes, only 30% have been given appropriate training organised by their company.

Furthermore, social media is used more often that traditional search engines in order to check the accuracy of CV information. Also approximately one third of recruiters admit that they have rejected a potential candidate because of the pictures, or the content posted on the candidate’s profile.

It was also reported that 5 out of 10 job seekers use social media for job search purposes and 49% of job seekers use social media to distribute their CV online.

When looking at the profiles of potential candidates, recruiters search for previous professional work experience. Recruiters also look for insights into candidates’ personalities.

Silvia Zanella, Adecco Global Social Media & Online Marketing Director, commented: “The predominant relevance of social media recruiting is a reality today and undoubtedly also in the future.”

Golden Rules for recruiters:

  1. Size defines scale
  2. Effectiveness
  3. Never stop training
  4. Increase your attractiveness as an
  5. Stay professional
  6. Added value
  7. Engage your colleagues
  8. Redefining the way you connect

Golden Rules for job seekers:

  1. Get connected
  2. Don’t hide
  3. Watch yourself!
  4. Be consistent!
  5. Apparently age matters
  6. Job-hunting is not linked to age
  7. Are you right for each other?
  8. Be careful!
  9. Tap into the potential!
  10. It is always you!

You can find updates and news around the study by using Adecco Group’s official hashtag #socialrecruiting

To access the full report, click here.

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