Five Tips On Using Twitter for Social Recruitment

For those new to Twitter, let alone social recruiting, this can be an alien world. Recruitment via LinkedIn or Facebook is fast becoming an integral part of a recruiter’s toolkit, but understanding how to get the best results from 140 characters and reap rewards for your effort is a real skill.

You will have seen how easy it is to post a job on Twitter, but again this can be no better than the ‘post and pray’ application of a job board. It is all about attracting the right audience and ensuring they are actually engaging with you and your brand on Twitter. It is more productive to have 1,000 quality followers spreading the word by sharing your news and jobs, than 5,000 who are simply not listening never mind engaging.

1  Finding Contacts

It is easy to run a search and discover quality contacts on Twitter ( This site gives you the ability to search for people in numerous ways such as by location, industry or interest. By entering specific key words you will quickly find people discussing these topics.

2  #Hashtags

The ever useful #hashtag, founded on Twitter and now an integral part of the culture of its community, serves to discover what is currently trending, or regularly discussed topics. Create your own #hashtags – your company name for example – to encourage engagement with your company’s brand, as well as learn about career opportunities. These will make you easily discoverable and also serve as ‘short forms’ in your limited twitter vocabulary, so people understand the reference.

To make your ‘job posting’ tweets standout and attract both passive and active candidates, you can use instantly searchable #hashtags: #jobs, #construction, #tech, etc, which help your audience filter and find your information.

3  Engagement

Engaging your audience is a difficult and time-consuming task; it can be soul destroying initially, but do persevere as once you break through the dialogue barrier, your patience will be rewarded. Follow your industry influencers, and initially observe and listen to conversations – this is a great way to understand the nature of networking on Twitter.

Once you have established your audience, you can take this to the next level and organise physical ‘Tweet-ups’, inviting people to informal networking events in the local area. You can make life easy by advertising your jobs on a job focused Twitter search engine site such as

4  Management

You can easily manage your social media recruitment platforms via a dashboard such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Sprout Social. These aggregators offer real time-management savings along with useful analytics to help you steer and stay in control of your social sites. My personal preference is Hootsuite. This site offers you the facility to manage up to five platforms for free, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ and also allows limited access to analytics. You can schedule your posts, monitor responses and quickly view the bio of anyone on Twitter, even their Klout score (if this matters to you!).

5  Your Brand

Your web presence – no matter what the medium – is important. Ensure your social media platforms reflect your company’s tone of voice and brand.

A Word of Caution

When you find a potential candidate on Twitter and evaluate their activity do take care. CIPD’s recent social media research revealed that two in five employers look at candidates’ online activity or profiles to inform recruitment decisions, but few inform applicants as a matter of course that this is being done. Employers have wide discretion within the law to decide whether or not to recruit a particular candidate. However, to avoid risk of legal challenge they should be fully aware of the law on data protection and discrimination in employment. The CIPD published new guidelines in December 2013 and can be viewed here.

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