Simon Cowell has the X Factor in Recruitment



Yes that time of year has come around unbelievably quickly and Cowell’s countdown to Christmas is officially upon us,  love it or hate it it’s X Factor season.

If you are looking for the x- factor in recruitment then look no further than the master himself Simon Cowell.  The business savvy pop music mogul  who takes over our TV screens, newspapers and social media year after year is unsurprisingly onto to one of the best recruitment processes around.  


Simon understands and executes recruitment far better than most  and recruiters can learn an awful lot from him which could give you something to focus on if you are being forced to watch week in week out. If you enjoy the show anyway  just see it as an added bonus,  Merry Christmas to you.

 His process is simple yet perfect. Set out for candidates from the beginning they submit an application, are screened, interviewed and then judged by the public in order to reach the end offer.

 A big favourite with audiences is the feedback aspect, this is  one of this things that makes the show so popular and that is probably because it is so uncommon that it’s actually quite shocking. Instant feedback,  instant, honest,  critical feedback for a candidate is unheard of in the majority of interviews. But as much as it is strangely enjoyed by cringing viewers  it is not purely for sadistic entertainment. The sheer amount of applicants means it is also absolutely necessary.

Recruiters and candidates would benefit from taking this approach to interviews as shown it saves an awful lot of time but its’ important to remember you are not trying to entertain the masses so it’s best to find a healthy balance between dream crushing Cowell and Louis‘I liked It’ Walsh .

 From playing to the crowds, usually over the top one way or another, reaction to the audition to his manipulation of social and national media once onto the next stage of the show to maintain interest and to force allow the audience to develop relationships with the contestants. He’s truly the king of crowd sourcing.

 His expertise in Employer branding are something to be admired . Using back stories, sob stories and emotive music and he cleverly humanises the contestants.  Teaching us a valuable lesson in the importance story telling to build up interest in a company.


 Is there any room for improvement to the interview/audition stage of the show as far as entertainment goes? Not really,  aside from booting Louis off the show, I’m sorry to Louis fans (I know they must exist somewhere)  but he really grinds my gears.

Most people enjoy the auditions part the most and start to lose interest by the judges houses stage so it’s great as it is,  of course it is, he knows what he’s doing but from a standard recruitment  point of view yes there is still some room for improvement.  Unlike Simon your company is  losing money during your recruitment process rather than making millions so that’s a good enough reason to try something different.

 The panel of judges have to travel everywhere,  they cover all areas to guarantee they won’t miss out on any hidden talent. Our analytics tool works in this way but without the added inconvenience of a long dull day trip to Doncaster.   It efficiently directs employers to the areas where the candidates  where the most skilled and experienced candidates are based.

Open auditions create similar issues to a publicly listed job vacancy, any old lunatic can turn up. An awful interview is just not as entertaining as an equally bad audition. Using our analytics tool could greatly reduce the amount of ridiculous applicants from the start. Employers are able to locate the best suited candidates for their role  and can relax knowing that only selected candidates will be invited to apply.

 Why is this necessary? As the X Factor shows us, there are  many deluded people out there. The people who desperately screech their usual morning shower performance at Simon and Nicole and then fly off into fit of rage because they didn’t get through, are basically the same as the underqualified under experienced candidates who sneak through the application process with a fudged cv and waste everybody’s time.  Unless it is due to somebody being genuinely tone deaf and the people around them being the worst kind of friends    “Yeah babe, you sound great, go for it” they are generally  both candidates who have seen a great opportunity and despite their lack of talent or skills they will lie, cheat or humiliate themselves to take that chance.


 Our analytics tool has many more impressive features able to speed up and improve even the greatest in-house recruitment process.

The Big Questions Answered

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