Santa May Be Late This Year – Shortage Of Drivers Impacts Christmas Deliveries

Head of Policy and Public Affairs at REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation), Kate Shoesmith, voiced her concerns yesterday in a broadcast on Radio 4 about the growing shortage of professionally qualified drivers in the UK, and the impact this may have on Christmas deliveries this year.

We wanted to illustrate just how easy it is to search for potential qualified applicants using our new heatmap service, MapUp, to help discover where suitable candidates are located and then utilising our big data intelligence to contact each potential applicant personally.

Using the MapUp keywords: (‘CPC’ OR ‘Certificate of Professional Competence’) AND (‘Driver’ OR ‘Driving’) this was the result.


  • The density of the individuals matching this broad criteria from around 10 million UK candidates appear to be clustered around the UK’s arterial motorway network rather than population centres;
  • London is under-represented per-capita;
  • The North West, the Midlands and the M1 corridor contain the greatest numbers of candidates;
  • Towns such as Bristol, Nottingham, Leicester and Stoke-On-Trent could be fertile recruitment and CPC training territory.

Every one of these 29,000 candidates could be sent a personal email before Christmas

Another example of how Big Data could help recruiters to work smarter, not harder.


Candidates per town

Image courtesy of C&C Training Limited

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