Rudolph and the Red Faced Recruiters


Its the most wonderful that time of the year. The beautiful lights and decorations are back out along with same old festive songs and carols that have been burned into our brains since forever. Radio stations, music channels, restaurants, shops, there is no escaping them. Love them or hate them Christmas songs will take over until at least the 26th of December, many of which relaying stories with a moral message or lesson applicable to this time of year. Instead of tuning them out, it could be beneficial to listen and learn something that could make a difference to your festive season.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer:

Rudolphs story is one of an outcast. He had a quirk, that bright red nose, which made him the odd one out but Santa realised how useful the glowing nose could be on a foggy Christmas Eve. The feature that made Rudolph different also made him able to do something better than the others and he became the hero. The reindeer who had cast him out then loved him, and everyone was happy.

The End



Rudolph, the Recruiter:

Rudolph was a hard worker, always looking for a new approach to his job. It was December and the other recruiters knew it was time to start winding down. Candidate applications would be dropping off, there would be fewer roles advertised as people focused on the preparation of their new year budgets. It is undeniable that companies do generally start every year with a bang in their recruitment activity. Budgets are released and many HR departments do like to take a breath before the frenzied activity begins in January.

However, Rudolph wanted to keep working through December which made him a bit of an outcast. He knew a few things which encouraged him to keep going. First of all,  interviewers potentially have more time on their hands at this time of year and candidates may also have greater availability. He also knew that the pressure to fill roles that have been open for a while before the influx of new offers expected for January is significant. Someone considering starting to apply for jobs in the new year would be unlikely to turn down a direct approach in mid-December. Finally, wanting to get a head start on your competition is as natural as wanting to snap up a bargain and for this reason recruiting activity in December will always be significant.

So Rudolph worked through December and searched for ways to fill the roles that had been difficult to fill. He adopted the recruitment tools Horsefly and Wammee. Using this technology during a quieter time of year gave him time to become familiar with it. He perfected his use of Horsefly’s analytics and mastered the marketing power of Wammee in no time.  He was then able to enhance his recruitment process and marketing campaigns ready for the new year. January soon arrived and the results of his enhanced recruiter’s toolkit were starting to show. Rudolph was securing the best talent at the best prices and even filling the most difficult roles with ease. 

No red noses in sight, but his fellow recruiters were pretty red-faced come January as the rush was back on, the competition was fierce, and many of them were trying to struggle through with their old methods. Lucky for the stressed out recruiters this is a Christmas story, so it has to have a happy ending, it’s the law. Rudolph kindly forwarded JobsTheWord’s details on to them, and before they knew it, their recruiting campaigns were flying too. 

The End.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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