Recruitment Game Changers in 2015

Interesting read in Recruiter Magazine’s supplement this month: ‘Game changers 2014’.

Recruitment certainly has been rocked by massive technological development in the last five years and we definitely agree there is so much more to come.

We also agree wholeheartedly with the assessment of the recruitment technology game changers ahead of us in 2015, especially the growth in People Aggregation, Jobs Matching and Predictive Analytics.

And Katharine Robinson – aka The Sourceress – is spot on when she predicts that there will be more experimentation and branching into executive sourcing, which means the big firms will begin to feel the squeeze, or start buying up the cheeky infiltrators to adapt their business model in order to meet their competition head on.

JobsTheWord is one of the recruitment businesses already taking away business from the big search firms. Our offering is different and more powerful than OpenWeb and TalentBin, as we combine ALL three technologies – People Aggregation, Jobs Matching and Predictive Analytics – in our Big Data recruitment platform; JTW MapUp app already enables candidate density heat-mapping for free!

Once criteria is established we then market jobs by email directly to candidates with a matching online profile, eliminating recruiters and HR specialists searching and contacting effort.

Recruiters don’t even have to buy any tools as JobsTheWord does this all for them.

And it works, saving our clients so much time and money in comparison to recruitment agencies.


If you are planning a visit to the In-House Recruitment Expo at Olympia next week, why not find out more. Entry is free and we’re on Stand 110 and would be delighted to give you a demonstration of how it all works.

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Tuesday 20 January 2015 from 09:00 – 17:30
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You can access the ‘Game changers 2014’ article beginning on Page 32 here

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