Recruiting A Keeper for Monty The Penguin

The buzz on the Christmas scene at the moment is of course the feature videos from the big retail brands. Even Harrods have produced their own this year, but as always it is the king of visual content, John Lewis’s, which is anticipated to be the most popular production.

With double-digit growth, year-on-year based purely on their Christmas campaign, you can see why the company invests so much both in time and money. The advert itself cost £1 million to shoot, but the total cost of the Christmas campaign is said to be
£7 million, which includes the cost of in-store advertising, TV spots in ad-breaks, billboards, newspaper adverts, etc.

This year’s video features a very cute ‘Monty the Penguin’ cleverly appealing to its targeted audience and continuing their message that Christmas is a time for giving rather than receiving.

So what on earth has this to do with recruitment I hear you say…well it was a great excuse to for me to research the way some of our clients use brand awareness to raise their profile and use the JTW MapUp tool to discover whether, had Monty been a real penguin that had strayed into the life of a young boy and in need of some temporary care, we could use MapUp to find him someone with the relevant skills and expertise.


Most of the 2,947 people who mention Penguin in their online profiles have worked for Penguin Books or similarly-named organisations, but I did find 20 individuals with direct experience of penguin care in a zoo environment, including cleaning, feeding and supervision of penguin parades.

Zoo AND Keeper OR Keeping

However, those looking for a Zoo Keeper with experience of wildlife husbandry or zoology could approach a pool of around 2,490 candidates by sending them an email directly to their personal Inbox, the approach of choice by candidates.

You can try our free version of Mapup here and if you missed the film…

Image of Adélie Penguin courtesy of Liam Quinn, Canada

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Head of Partnerships
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