Organisations Losing Out In The Race For Top Talent

According to The Workforce View 2014/15, an annual barometer of the views and attitudes of UK workers and employers by ADP,  many organisations are losing out in the race for top talent.

Optimism in the UK workplace is on the up: 77 per cent of employers described themselves as ‘optimistic’ about the decade ahead. However, the report shows that 50 per cent see talent gaps, due to cuts and a lack of recruitment, as a threat to their organisation.

According to the study employees are paying more attention to achieving a healthy work-life balance than ever before. Workers seem to be looking for more from their work with 67 per cent expecting the future of work to be ‘exciting rather than dull’. 20 per cent of employees said they would be looking for more meaningful work over the next five years.

HRDs see a lack of fresh talent entering the organisation as the single biggest threat. 47 per cent see the scarcity of fresh talent as their number one worry.

To access the full report, click here.

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