Mirror Mirror

mirror-imageMe: Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?

Robot Mirror :Not you love, you look rough … scary signs of sun damage on your nose, bags for life under your eyes and crows feet going on for days.  Please wait while I print out a prettier face for you.

This is genuinely happening.



I just read an article about a mirror designed by Panasonic that tells you what and where your flaws are then, while you wait for 2 minutes and probably have a little cry about what it said, it prints out the make up that you need to cover them and you put it on your face.  It’s similar to a temporary tattoo formula that apparently takes a little while to settle but then blends in to your skin.  When AI  is printing out a new face for you it’s safe to say it is pretty much taking over everything.   

I think of most make up artists as undercover wizards and now we have robot wizards too. Does this mean the 10, 000 MUA’ s who have popped up across social media  are going to eventually be out of work? No but it does mean that if they think ahead and look at utilising technology like this,  that their service could then be equal to that of a robot and a wizard, and that might just be enough to make me look a teeny tiny, if you close one eye and squint with the other,  little bit like Angelina Jolie and I might just swoop in on Brad while he’s still vulnerable.  

 The same can be said of JobsTheWord,  they have designed software, not to replace inhouse recruiters, but to turn them into experts, speeding up the hiring process and making it much more effective. Described as a new fashioned approach to talent sourcing  they have created  an invaluable toolkit for the modern recruiter which goes beyond traditional recruitment and offers  real time actionable insights. The tools they offer to increase understanding of the market are Horsefly Analytics and Wammee Marketing. Horsefly enables recruitment professionals to become cross-department experts while Wammee enables the user to market their opportunities directly to both passive and active talent in the desired location.

 Their stunning new sales deck, which I’m really excited about is in now in action and in clear simple detail it fully explains how,  like the magic make up mirror promises to fix my face they can make your in-house recruitment process much more attractive.


















Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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