Millions Of Working Hours Lost Due To Poor Technology

According to a recent research by Chelsea Apps Factory, UK workers say they losing millions of working hours each week because of poor technology in the office.

The study was based on a survey of 1,000 office workers, they found that a total of 7.5 million working days each week were being lost by staff because the technology at work was not good enough.

Strikingly, employers stated that their technology at home was much better compared to kit at work. Employees’ stated that home broadband, wifi, mobiles and computers are of better quality, slow office broadband speeds and computers crashing was the worst issue. 60 per sent said that tech-related issues at work were preventing them from doing their job properly. However, the good old office printer is the only technology that people thought was better.

The key findings showed:

  • 59% of people said that their personal mobile phone was better than the one work gave them to use. Just 11% said that their work phone was better.
  • Twice as many people have better mobile phone coverage at home compared to their workplace (49% v 23%)
  • An astonishing four times as many people said their home tablet computer was better than the one work gives them to use (50% v 11%)
  • With your computer, it was close, but still 45% of people said their home computer was better than their work computer. 34% said their work computer was better than the one they had at home.
  • Half of the 1,000 office workers said their broadband was better at home than at work. Less than a third said that their work broadband was better. (50% v 29%)
  • And with wifi, 55% said theirs was better at home than in the office. Only 23% – less than a quarter – said that their wifi was better in the office rather than at home.

Mike Anderson, CEO of Chelsea Apps Factory, said: “It’s clear that the ‘techspectations’ of the modern employee far outweigh what companies can deliver – and employees are literally taking matters into their own hands.

“Businesses are still investing unnecessary millions on clunky, highly-complex systems, services and software that leave employees stumped, unproductive and in some cases so unhappy they would consider leaving their job.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need to embrace mobilization, harness technology and encourage their people’s power in this new tech-driven world. The rewards in doing so are huge – as are the dangers for those that don’t.”

Not only are IT issues affecting the productivity of the UK workforce, 47% of people would consider moving job because the tech in their workplace was so poor.

To access the full report, click here.

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