Liverpool hosts International Festival for Business 2014

Everyone at JobsTheWord was delighted to hear their home town of Liverpool was chosen as host city to Britain’s biggest International Festival for Business (#IFB2014).

With the event running for over 50 days in June and July, 250,000 people from all over the world are expected to visit our beautiful city; these will include business delegates, trade intermediaries and leading business figures all attracted to Liverpool, which has the fastest growing productivity of any city outside London.

Over 300 events will take place during the festival hosted by UKTI. An extensive cultural programme will also entertain delegates and visitors during their stay in Liverpool, making #IFB2014 a “once in a lifetime business experience”.

Organisers have predicted the event will invite £100m worth of investments, providing British businesses with new opportunities. Prime Minister, David Cameron, launched the IFB2014 stating:

This is the biggest showcase of British business since 1951, it is a shop window for enterprise, for innovation and for creativity.

The International Festival for Business is an integral step to growing the British economy; British businesses are creating the jobs we need, securing the stability of Britain’s future.

The Liverpool Echo’s Tony McDonough said:

Many will be seeing Liverpool for the first time. They may well be surprised at what they find, what a fantastic thriving place Liverpool now is.

The International Festival for Business focuses on seven key themes during the 50 days. Here are JobsTheWord’s most anticipated upcoming events.

Manufacturing, Science and Technology

JobsTheWord’s very own Sally-Anne will be attending the #BigDataDay! Businesses are talking about the big data revolution around the globe, therefore it is inevitable that the 2014 International Festival for Business must discuss the world of Big Data. The event will be held at Sci-Tech Daresbury, Warrington, providing the opportunity to network, learn and understand the value of big data. Exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by the growth in data waiting to be made sense of. The event will provide answers to how businesses can now use big data to make smarter decisions. – 24 June

Cities, Enterprise and Urban Business

The Echo Regional Business Awards 2014, celebrating true business excellence. This event will give credit to companies, business leaders and teams who have demonstrated, drive, foresight and courage, commending both big and small businesses within Liverpool. – 3 July

Creative and Digital Industries

The Social Media and Society event will look broadly at the bigger picture surrounding social media. Social media has change the world we live in, everyone now has a voice. The consequences of this are not yet clear. Dr Paul Redmond, University of Liverpool will look at how our ever growing social platforms present opportunities, if used effectively. – 8 July

Higher/further education and research

Grow Your Own Talent, offering valuable advice for employers. The event will focus on both traditional methods of recruitment as well as methods engaging employers with employees. The world of employment is continually transforming, employers are faced with everyday concerns. It is now imperative more than ever that recruiters are able to adjust and change their recruitment practices in order to attract the best talent. The demand for staff is increasing, this event will provide companies with a better understanding to all the options open to them when it comes to recruiting new talent. – 8 and 9 July

Full International Festival for Business calendar here

Words by Jessie McGee, Marketing Assistant at JobsTheWord

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