Lessons Learned From The Olympics, Even If You Weren’t That Into It.

Why I Hate Gold

I have always hated Spandau Ballet’s 1983 hit, Gold. Thanks to Team GB’s success and an apparent lack of songs including the word ‘gold’ certain DJ’s made me doubt my affection for them by playing it replaying it and playing it again. It was on a lot. The only good I can take from this that I have finally worked out what my problem is with the song.  It’s terrible. You may be thinking if you hate the song so much just turn it off when it comes on, sound advice, but that’s my biggest issue. The shocking format of the song, the fact it ends so bizarrely  “you’re indestructible, always believing”   means I only have to hear the first few bars of the song and I’m set off thinking about the never ending circle of earworm terror. Always believing what? You are GOLD? (gold) glad that you’re bound to return, something I could have learned you’re indestructible always believing  …. and it goes on and on. So I give in and just listen to it and the rest of the lyrics go ahead and blow my head off.  I won’t go on anymore,  but they are reminiscent of the riddles my 86 year old nin was coming up with when suffering water infection. That is why I hate the song.


That aside, much more valuable life lessons were also in there.


An Obsessive Nature Can be a Good Thing

Imagine if you put all that time you spend social media stalking your ex or stalking your new partner’s “crazy” ex into something productive. It’s not stalking it’s just keeping an eye on them you say? Whatever it is, it’s a huge waste of time and energy. If you can direct that obsessive nature of yours towards something beneficial to your life career health and you will soon be rewarded with great results.  Example,  Phelps trains 6 hours a day. 6 hours every day of the year. 6 hours every day of the year including holidays.  Athletes like him eat,  breathe and sleep their sport, they have to in order to stay ahead of the opposition but it’s a healthy obsession because they achieve great things this way.



Stressing is Pointless

We are able to deal with immense pressure. Much more than we realise too. I see and hear so many people complaining about being stressed over things that really aren’t that stressful. It’s quite popular in Facebook status updates for people to claim to be stressed over daily tasks it’s like that has become some sort of accomplishment. It isn’t.  Stressing over something makes no difference to the final result other than maybe detracting from it as your preparation time has been wasted telling people that you are stressed. If you are the type of person who finds themselves in an unhealthy state of panic over an upcoming meeting, interview or just due to life in general then I hope the Olympics offers some positive perspective.  Olympic competitors have usually trained near enough their whole lives for this moment, the start of their event signifies their final chance to gain a positive result after 4 years of blood sweat and tears.  I honestly think that stood in their position my anxiety could have a real chance of killing me on the spot. If I managed to not die,  I think I would possibly either evacuate my bowels, throw up or faint or if my fans were really lucky go for all three at once. Is that a bit dramatic? Well, when I think back to how I felt during sports day in school, no it not. Thankfully you don’t see anything like that from these athletes who are deep down the same as you and me. They are still human born of other humans and although some appear to have been created in a lab, Tom Daley, they haven’t.  They don’t show any signs of stress they remain calm focussed and determined and show us that t at is the only way to get the job done.


There is Still a Sense of Glory in Genuinely Being the Best.

In our disingenuous world where it seems that almost anything can be bought, the measure of a person’s success is often blurry.  Number one hits are rarely written by the auto tuned super model pop bots delivering them to us and teenage girls buy their thousands of Instagram followers.  A new wave of celebrities  becoming famous off the back of reality/docu/soaps and full time trolls like Katie Hopkins  making a healthy living from spewing her brainless venom out at the public leaves many of us not sure what success really means anymore. In the Olympics you run the fastest you get a medal you swim the fastest you get a medal, you box the best you get a medal and so on, it’s simple and it’s fair. The praise, fame glory and in most countries money then rightfully belongs goes to the talented winner not the loser.


Failure is an Inevitable Part of Success.

All Olympic athletes have struggled at some point in their training and career and sometimes in their personal lives trying to get to where they are. It’s a rough road and you can see clear tear shaped evidence of that in the emotion that pours out of them once they are finally on that podium.


We are all capable of great things when we obsess over the right things and focus our time and energy on our goal.  It is absolutely worth working to achieve something real that you can be proud of.  Even if you fail massively at some point and are responsible for writing an assault on my ears like Gold (in my opinion, because clearly a lot of people must love it) even then I am saying you should not give up because you could somehow still forge a hugely successful career in writing and performing your own songs.

I know this much is true.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
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