World’s First Job Advert Written Entirely in Code

A new social media platform has found an innovative way of attracting candidates, by writing the world’s first graduate job advert entirely in code.

Woto, believes that the standard job advertisement would not have been as effective for the role. They wanted to employ people who can ‘talk our talk’, hence candidates are required to understand computer code in order to apply to Woto’s job listing. Whoever cracks the coded criteria first and applies for the job advert in code will be rewarded with a paid internship with

Woto is a growing social media platform launched earlier this month and currently has around 10,000 users. The platform allows subscribers to share content and spread messages to a specific audience. Users have so far used it in a variety of contexts, including flat listings, uploading recipes, and creating forums for DIY journalism.

Coding has recently been introduced by the UK government into the national curriculum and is increasingly breaking into the mainstream.

Erin Caglar, co-founder and chief technology officer at Woto said: “The fact that coding has just been introduced in schools shows the important role technology is playing in our future.”

Unscrambling the job advert written entirely in code for the company’s job listing, it reads: Woto’s creators are after a savvy tech/digital intern, to help them make Woto whirl over the next few months. The role would be a varied one and enable you to hone your skills in a number of areas, from copywriting to coding.

Interested job seekers have until 2 October to crack the code and crack the code and apply for the job.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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