It’s Time to Stop Clowning Around.


Killer clowns are a creepy practical joke which has stopped being a joke and has quickly become part of our lives.  They’ve travelled over from America,  all together in one tiny car, to kill us. OR our bored teenagers and non-hunting job hunters are copying something they saw on Facebook, whatever it is they are here in the UK and people are going mental.  It has been described as just a bit of creative fun on the run up to Halloween but there are reports that this has been going on in America for a long time and there have even  been reports of a murder being  linked to it.

 Scary clown mania has taken over the news, from local news to our social news feeds they are popping up everywhere. It’s certainly strange and a lot of people are genuinely scared.  Apart from some of our grannys who have reportedly been telling them to p*** off and then there are the normally mild-mannered ladies  who have been seen mum running at these fancy dress fools screaming “Scare my kids and I’ll kill you” down the street.  

Why are people even scared of clowns? It’s supposed to be down to the confusing emotions that their appearance inspires .  Bright childish colourful clothing is perceived as  approachable but their painted distorted face is unnerving and then they play tricks on you. So there’s that and the fact that these idiots are apparently chasing people with knives. The clowns who seem to be happy blatantly ignoring personal or legal boundaries make me uneasy. It is not ok to just dig somebody’s back garden up,  and certainly not at night while concealing your true identity,  it’s extremely menacing.  Another level to the psychology behind our general fear of clowns is about feeling out of control. “Clowns can trigger the very emotions we’re trying to contain, in order for us to conform to being understood as sensible and serious beings.”

 Maybe, this social media made “epidemic” has been blown out of proportion and really shouldn’t be as big a deal as it is. There are of course much scarier things going on in the world. Quickly downsizing from that because thinking about the problems in the world right now seems to coincide with some quite worrying chest pains, there are scarier things going on in our businesses. Many business owners may be at the point of felling like they should throw a clown suit on their HR and send them out on the street for the mums n grans  to deal with. This is not even their employees problem, they could be the hardest working member of staff in the company but because HR are the ones dealing with in-house recruitment  they are to blame and seen as the reason that so much money is usually wasted by this department. It’s not actually their fault. The outdated and lengthy talent sourcing procedures still used by many companies are actually a quite scary and unfunny joke that many business owners should really be focussing on.

Clowns are said to represent chaos and people are generally scared of this but to those who are more focussed on their company’s profit margins a more real and destructive chaos runs through many failing recruitment processes.  JobsTheWord have identified this and are tackling the problem by disrupting recruitment using AI technology. Even if it’s just because you would like something to take your mind off that lunatic dressed as a killer clown that may or may not be at your window tonight, take a look at their new sales deckIt’s easy on the eye and fully explains what they do,  why they do it and how it would hugely benefit your business.





Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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