I’m a Hiring Manager Get Me Out of Here!


Now we have our Queen of the Jungle we can agree that this year’s “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” has been brilliant. For some reason,  watching some of our favourite footballers and soap actors shake, sweat and heave while being forced to face their fears so that they can eat that night makes great TV.  Making successful people dance for their dinner is always going to be popular with the British public.  Is it because deep down we are a sick sadistic bunch? Maybe, if you look at the way we vote for which contestants have to do the trials I would say we absolutely are, but I think the show’s popularity is due to something else.  The celebrities that we are watching have, as far as most of us are concerned,  easy even luxurious lives and even more annoyingly the privilege of doing something that they enjoy for a living. They have no idea of the misery the majority of the British public have to deal with on a daily basis and sometimes for very little reward.  Although we do not usually have to hold a GIANT spider in our mouth to get paid at the end of the month,  we do have to bite our tongue when dealing with the rudest customers or colleagues. We sometimes have to count to ten to remain calm, not as burrowing cockroaches crawl down our shirts but as we listen to yet another complaint that is nothing to do with us.  So maybe it’s a  cathartic process for people to be able to go home from their day jobs and watch the “lucky ones”  suffer for an hour. It’s fair to acknowledge that of course not everyone dislikes their day job, but in most job roles there will definitely  be elements of it that test even the most content worker.


Looking in more detail at the role of the Hiring Manager because Hiring Managers do sometimes get a hard time from recruiters and candidates.  Their daily trials are comparable to what our celebrity camp mates are experiencing. The similarities may not jump out at you like a trapdoor spider or an over keen candidate, but they are certainly there.  It could be time to be a little more sympathetic to our overworked and under pressure recruiting professionals.


Stars are the currency in the jungle. The celebs complete nightmare trials to acquire or find stars which are their ticket to a meal. Let’s call candidates, the top candidates, the “Marks and Spencer” not just any candidates, stars. So both celebs and hiring managers need their star. They know that they are there somewhere, but they sometimes have to go through a few stages of personal hell to get to them.  Often they are faced with skin crawling experiences, sleepless nights. We see some of them stressed to the point of fainting just for the sake of just one star. Sometimes they are left completely in the dark unsure what to do blindly searching. They work under a time limit coupled with building pressure from colleagues, and so it goes on, camp mate or Hiring Manager? They quite easily blur into one.

 The competition in camp, though often unspoken is fierce. Stars aside, the big prize is to win the show and to be crowned King or Queen of the jungle. Money, glory, presenting jobs and becoming the face of Iceland if that is still a thing?  All lie ahead for the winner.  When hiring managers finally source good talent, it is important that they recognise what the main competition for these candidates will be. They must know which companies and wage rates they need to acknowledge and compete with as they attempt to attract applicants to their role.

Imagine they are struggling to fill a role, say it is a technical role, and they do not have enough knowledge or experience of recruiting for it. This role would typically be outsourced to recruiters. That makes sense and is sometimes is necessary. Unfortunately, what if this time the recruiters turn out to be Ant and Dec?   What’s wrong with that?  Everyone loves them ( I love Ant and Dec or PJ and Duncan if you like, always have always will) The problem is more to do with the world of recruitment’s Ant and Dec type characters. The ones who approach with a smiling face and then don’t appear to take the task seriously. They do not help or do anything more for the hiring manager. Hopefully, there aren’t many of these jokers out there anymore, but they are considered an obstacle to be avoided.

Occasionally there is an opportunity for the camp mates to complete tasks, and the prizes are luxury items.  Everyone gets very excited as a basket is dropped into the middle of the camp but what is it this time? Could it be chocolate? Maybe Cheese? Some campmates cross their fingers for letters from home.  No,  it is Horsefly, thankfully not the kind that bite and leave camp mates relentlessly sore and itchy.  This luxury basket is for the hiring managers. Horsefly is a tool from JobsTheWord. Believed to be the fastest AI Talent sourcing tool in the recruiting jungle when teamed up with its marketing counterpart Wammee it is the best way to deal with the daily struggles faced by recruiting professionals.

For the more difficult roles, these recruitment tools are less of a luxury and more a necessity. The tools focus on talent sourcing, supply and demand, marketing strategy and the use of analytics.  They can and will turn the average hiring manager into an expert in whichever role they are looking to recruit making them King or Queen of the recruiting jungle.







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