I’ll Have What She’s Having.


We always want what somebody else has.

If something belongs to somebody else it is almost always more appealing than what we have ourselves. Your neighbour’s car is better than yours. You wish you had ordered that desert instead. We can even find ourselves guilty of comparing relationships, partners, friends and employees, other people’s things often seem so much better, but are they?

Well yes and no.

When it comes to relationships it now seems common practice for people to just destroy a marriage and take what they would like to be theirs. It happens all the time, poor Jill down the road had it happen to her last week.  We see statuses all about what that “slimy ,cheating” etc has done broadcast across Facebook, we may even throw a supportive and probably  quite confusing ‘Like’ the victim’s way.

Thankfully what life and Corrie teaches us, is that stealing somebody’s husband or wife is not acceptable and it will nearly always end badly. Maybe a tram will crash into their new home or maybe they will soon realise the perfect marriage or partner as seen from the outside will never belong to them. Two quick reasons for this are

1 The perfect marriage and partner probably didn’t exist in the first place, an outsiders view is never realistic.

2 There will always be exceptional trust issues in a relationship that begins like that… in my opinion.

A good employee however is always worth stealing. A working relationship is a very different relationship, no trauma is induced or moral ground stomped on. Work is work and although sometimes there are strong attachments between some companies and employees it certainly doesn’t cause the same problems that breaking up a marriage could. Passive candidates ( follow the link to read our previous article on passive and active candidates, I think its great)  are perfect addition to your team for several reasons but the basic idea is that if you find a candidate who has all the skills and experience that you are looking for and they are currently employed in the same field then you are safe to assume that they are good at and enjoy their job.

So although the sad reality or soap reality or reality tv reality, is that infidelity happens all the time, I absolutely do not condone stealing people’s partners but I do actively promote poaching passive candidates. (Try saying that with a mouth full of somebody else’s delicious chocolate fudge cake.)

 Jobstheword offer a service which allows you to reach the best candidates before they are even thinking about looking for a new job.  With companies investing in research and software to try to pinpoint the moment a candidate is about to start looking for a new job, it’s certainly worth looking into how they could give you a head start in the race to source the best talent for yourself.

 If  however you  have no fear of trams or trouble and are more interested in stealing somebody else’s partner than securing highly skilled and sought after employees then JobsTheWord cannot help you,  but my advice may and that is stop it! There are 7.4 billion people in the world, have a good look around, you will find somebody new.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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