I Love My Hiring Manager



As a recruiter I can’t help but wonder how dull my day to day routine would be without my dealings with hiring managers. Some say they create obstacles and slow down the whole process, not me! Here are the reasons why I love them.



I love the way they take up my free time. I, like everyone else, have a lot of time on my hands and sometimes just can’t figure out how to waste it all. Luckily, my hiring manger always knows just what to do about that.



Who needs money? Not me, that’s not why I go to work. Stupid money cluttering my bank account, no thanks, I’m looking for nice neat zeros. Luckily for me, most hiring managers must know that because they make it tricky for me to reach my targets and therefore stop any untidy numbers sneaking into my account.



Sometimes I’m just too positive for my own good, thankfully some hiring manager’s lack of understanding of the hiring market keeps my feet firmly on the ground. It takes away any motivation I have to do a good job and makes me want to go straight back to bed. Fantastic.



I’m a huge fan of mystery and I imagine most candidates are too so my absolute favourite thing that hiring managers do is when they offer no feedback whatsoever to the recruiter or the candidate. It’s very exciting waiting for nothing and wondering what is going on.


Amazingly not all recruiters are as amused as I am when they encounter these qualities in  a hiring manager and for reasons unknown to me they are desperately looking for ways to change things. JobsTheWord have even developed tools to deal with what have been addressed as issues” between recruiters and their hiring managers.


Horsefly is JobsTheWord’s artificially intelligent talent sourcing tool and it enables recruiting professionals to demonstrate the challenges they may face with a particular role to their hiring manager, as well as providing deep insights that can guide difficult hiring. Whoever is using the tool can quickly become a cross department expert. 

Below are some examples of how using Horsefly’s artificial intelligence to improve the hiring manager’s understanding of a role and it’s target candidates can save time, money and a recruiters soul.  





Use Horsefly to explain to hiring managers that there aren’t enough candidates in the location they want to hire in, so they can understand what their recruiters are up against. They can consider hiring the role to another location in the business or they can think about offering a more competitive package. It even shows the experience level of candidates that fit your job spec.  Perhaps they might need to tweak the criteria for the job spec a little, maybe asking for 6 years in your the job ad is putting off applicants when 4 years is what most candidates have.



Horsefly analytics produce real time relevant data so recruiters are able to quickly see exactly which companies they are competing against to hire the best candidates. This creates a deeper insight to what they need to develop in order to secure the best talent. Most importantly using clear accurate data like this is the perfect way for recruiters to communicate a lot of vital information with their hiring manager.

We use Horsefly to guide hiring managers from our digital team, advising on best locations to recruit, competitive salaries and also key words for adverts to ensure we reach out to a wide audience with the right skills. They have developed the tools to fit our needs and requirements which has made a real difference.

-Steve Jubb, Senior Resourcing Account Manager at UK Home Office”

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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