How To Attract The Attention Of A Recruiter Online

I have to agree with Ambra Benjamin, Engineering Recruiter at Facebook, when she says that Monster is ‘low hanging fruit’, in fact I would go further and say it is not just Monster, it is job boards in general; they are all on the ‘respirator’ as she so eloquently puts it.

I also agree that: “as amazing a tool as it is, even LinkedIn might be running its course in the sense that there are so many recruiting organisations using it at an enterprise level that sometimes the way to stand out is to have a web presence outside of LinkedIn.

I’m a big fan of an online footprint. It absolutely increases your chances of hearing from a recruiter.

Working for the first company of its kind in the UK to recruit directly on behalf of employers using the footprints occupying that big data space, we hear from our new clients almost on a daily basis how frustrating job boards are. In their experience they produce huge quantities of poor quality applicants and it wastes so much of their time sifting through totally irrelevant CVs.

I do agree with Ambra in that in order to be seen in your best light, anyone of working age should not only have several quality profiles on various appropriate sites, if possible they should own their own name and use a personal website as a repository for housing their CV. That way they stay in complete control and be found for the perfect role that will suit their skill set in the future.

Unlike LinkedIn, in a similar process used by Google, our company is able to access everything on the Internet freely available in the public domain. This is how our clever algorithms will discover candidates both now and in the future. In fact I would go as far as to say:

Watch out recruitment agencies too – this is the future of recruitment!

This article was written in response to Ambra Benjamin’s article featured on the Forbes news site


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