It's Halloween – How to Recruit The Perfect Witch

If you were looking to recruit a real witch in time for Halloween, then you may struggle.

It would seem that most witches wish to remain elusive, keeping their activities a secret. We discovered this fact when for some Halloween fun we searched for witches on our new location intelligence app, MapUp, which will be showcased at next week’s CIPD Exhibition in Manchester. We found just 120 related searches!

However, there is a coven in Chorley, Lancashire just over 30 miles from Pendle, where in 1612, ten people were seized amid claims of being involved in witchcraft. More than 400 years later, prejudice against witches stills exists, according to Head of Witches, Myrddin, who explained:

“We don’t do anything sinister like Devil worship and we don’t make human or animal sacrifices. We honour, revere and give thanks to nature. We celebrate the seasons. It’s not all blood and gore. In spring, we celebrate life and rebirth then in the winter, decay and death to make way for new life.”

He continued: “It comes from ignorance and fear of the unknown and it is the reason why rituals and celebrations are held in secret.”


Believe it or not there was an American government study back in 2001, which reported that:

on Halloween witches who use cell phones while flying broomsticks are three times more likely to crash

I had to read this LA Times article twice to check it was not an April Fool prank!

So just what did we discover using seasonal keywords?

Typically, Ethnographers involved in the study of witches and magic in historical culture.


Typically, individuals who organise Halloween-themed events, costumes and face make-up.


Horror Films, Movies
Making or watching them with a little hot-spot in Nottingham.


And the moral of this Halloween tale…

… is that whether or not you are a witch, it is important to have a high quality, online presence, distributed over several platforms. This creates a rich personal profile, which can then be identified by big data recruiters.


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