Five Trends Changing The Face Of Recruitment

Lou Adler’s latest article highlighting the ‘Five Trends That Will Affect How You Build Your Career’ is certainly food for thought. But we want to give you even more. The disintermediation of the transactional recruiter is coming sooner than 2016 – this is happening right here, right now!

Lou Adler
“Removing the middleman to improve efficiency and reduce cost is a common business model. In the near future, candidates will be proactively contacted without recruiter intervention to create initial interest.”

Candidates have been having jobs pushed to them based on their abilities and career interests for more than three years with a combination of Big Data technologies and email marketing. The matching is already sophisticated and becoming more and more so as highly skilled developers relish and take on the challenges and continue to stretch the boundaries of our imagination.

Yes, JobsTheWord were the first to introduce this big data recruitment concept in the UK, but companies in the US are also mirroring what we are doing – using cutting edge science in the form of sophisticated algorithms to remove waste in the recruitment process. Waste in terms of both time and money as employers race to beat the competition and attract the very best talent for their roles.

And recruitment advertising is also coming of age – it is no longer about posting to job boards and utilising recruitment agencies. It is all about branding and marketing concepts, changing the culture to fit the new demography and demands of today’s young workforce. Attracting the very best talent to companies because of what their people say about them, about what they offer and about their ethos and values.

Lou Adler
“The matching will be more sophisticated based on performance factors and levels of achievement, not skills and experience. Once two-way interest is shown, a hiring manager or recruiter will then get personally involved.”

Our innovative technology allows us to reach out instantly en masse to potential candidates via their personal emails, on an employer’s behalf – the perfect way to get their attention according to our recent Candidate Voice Survey. Our research now includes over 1,763 people who have applied for roles via our service. 75% tell us they prefer to be approached by a personal email, with 22% preferring contact by telephone. Only 7% chose to be contacted by a recruitment agency or on LinkedIn.

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