Finding Hens' Teeth Candidates: 3 Top Tips

“Finding quality candidates is like pulling hen’s teeth” to quote one of our new clients recently. Recruiters understand only too well there is no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to finding the perfect candidate. However, you can get pretty close, it’s just a case of knowing how.

It makes my day when a recruiter calls me out of the blue to say they’ve been speaking to colleagues in the recruitment industry who have told them JobsTheWord can find the perfect candidate “in double quick time” and “for a lot less than their agency”. Dealing with these types of calls on a regular basis, gives you an insight into the tough time employers are having at present trying to find that perfect candidate. It ranges from the nightmare scenario when searching say for an office administrator. This inevitably results in them besieged with hundreds of applications from those who don’t understand the skills involved, to roles needing specific qualifications and experience, such as engineers, nurses, etc.

It is of course a real issue for those looking to fill niche roles; they tell me finding people for these is an almost impossible task. In fact it can be like “pulling hen’s teeth” if you are looking to recruit someone with a rare skill.

To fill their roles recruiters are offering jobs to only those visible in today’s ‘active’ market. Out of desperation they are offering some roles to those with transferable skills, in other words square pegs in round holes. This can lead to frustration on both sides and greater attrition rates – not good for their budgets, or for staff morale as they suffer the stress of additional workload. However, some might argue that hiring for ‘transferrable skills’ is a smart, competitive strategy, which of course we can also help with.

So just what is it that makes us different?

Rather than just posting your role on a board as with a jobsite, we market your jobs directly to people who are not only qualified for the roles, but actually carrying them out effectively elsewhere. With a personal email straight to their Inbox, marketing the role on a recruiter’s behalf and inviting them to apply directly to you, tempts what could be the perfect candidate to get in touch.

Here are my three top tips to make your life easier using the direct model favoured by our clients.

1  Target Only Those With Relevant Skill Sets and/or Experience

Our technology allows us to enter specific keywords for the role. This means our clever algorithms do all the sifting and searching for you, and all that’s left is to agree the content to correctly position the job for marketing to potential candidates.

2  Eliminate Wasted Time And Money

By moving to a direct model for recruitment you save an incredible amount of time. By entering the specific keywords on our MapUp App it enables you to see in an instant exactly where the potential perfect candidates are located. Using our analytics we can virtually guarantee that 73-81% of campaigns will produce the first applicant within 48 hours, with an average of 77% of relevant candidates applying for roles within four days. This means you can start selecting candidates for interview almost immediately and consider those applying later at point of arrival. The cost is also a fraction of that charged by recruitment agencies and you get to keep the top candidates for your talent pool to help with any future recruitment needs.

3  Ensure Your Message

Getting your brand in front of potential candidates is one of the most important objectives of any company. We either compose a brief outline of the opportunities your business offers anyone looking to work with you, ensuring we use house style/tone of voice, or work with your team to include your own copy for marketing the role. The process is both quick and simple and creates an easy and effective route to begin the process of application. While we would never purport that by offering the very latest big data recruitment solutions we hold the secret of the silver bullet, we do know with a carefully crafted job specification we most certainly can facilitate the discovery of that elusive perfect candidate you’ve been searching for.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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