Finding Developers for Apple Watch and Other Wearables

Whether the Smartwatch will catch on with the general public has been a subject of topical debate this week as Apple launched its version onto the market.

Apple will undoubtedly sell millions because of demand from loyal super-fans who will buy almost any Apple product. However, one of its rivals, Android Wear, struggled to attract demand collectively selling less than 800,000 watches last year.

But Pebble tells a different story belying any negativity toward the future of Smartwatches. Developed through Kickstarter crowd funding, the project broke all Kickstarter records in 2012, when investors pledged over $10 million to fund the concept. Now they are back on the crowd funding site to raise more revenue to support “Pebble Time”, again with commanding tremendous success.

Pebble’s strapline is that it is “made by real people for real people”, but who exactly are the ‘real people’ creating this technology and how would you find these developers if you had a brilliant idea?

We have a real in house scenario here at JobsTheWord as this is exactly what our Technical Director, Will Crandle, sought to do when he first had the idea of using big data technology to speed up the recruitment process. Today we use MapUp to illustrate to clients how this works; here is what we discovered when we entered the following search terms into MapUp.

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Image of Span Smart Watch courtesy of Leo Davie

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