Employers Fail To Monitor Gender Diversity

According to research from the CIPD, 28 per cent of businesses do not monitor the gender profile of their workforce.

The report, Gender Diversity in the Boardroom: Reach for the top, found that 44 per cent of businesses have not heard of Lord Davies’ target for 25 per cent female representation on company boards by 2015.

A further 17 per sent of businesses said they were aware of of the governments Think, Act, Report initiative, for improving gender equality in the workplace.

Dianah Worman, diversity adviser at the CIPD, said: “Organisations need to be aware of initiatives such as ‘Think, Act, Report’ in order to encourage more women to progress to [senior] positions.”

She added, while good progress had been made with the rising number of women on boards in the last few years, greater awareness was needed to really accelerate the pace of change.

The CIPD is calling on businesses to adopt a separate voluntary target of at least 20 per cent female executive directors among FTSE 100 firms by 2020.

However, the CIPD research also found of 60 per cent of respondents are against mandatory quotas but that 53 per cent agreed the government should set a more ambitious voluntary target to improve gender diversity in boardrooms.

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