Employees Stressed For Over A Third Of Working Lifetime

Research by performance psychology firm Star Consultancy, revealed that the average employee feels stressed, anxious and worried on 84 days, 35 per cent of the year.

The study, examined workplace performance and the perceived causes and effects of stress, anxiety and worry in the British workforce. It surveyed a cross-section of 600 male and female employees between the ages of 18 and 55 who work in a variety of positions and employment levels across the UK.

Employers are urged to act as employees ‘state of mind’ is key to workforce productivity.

66 per cent said stress reduces motivation, productivity, and self-confidence, and 62 per cent cited it as the main reason they don’t always perform at their best.

Furthermore, a worrying 29 per cent of workers know of at least two people who have been or are taking anti-depressants.

Performance coach Chantal Burns, who commissioned the research, said: “We seem to be living in stressed-out Britain, which is a massive call to action to address the root causes of a growing problem.

“While difficult and demanding situations are inevitable in the workplace, regular or chronic stress is not and it’s damaging employees’ health and mental well-being, as well as the company bottom-line though poorer performance and increased sick leave.”

The study found that only 6 per cent of staff told their managers about their stress and anxiety, while 1 per cent ‘suffered in silence’ and more than 25 per cent reported they would try to analyse the problem for themselves.

Additionally, 7 per cent reported that they have taken up to five days off work because of stress, anxiety or depression.

The findings highlight the need for both employers and employees to understand the nature of stress. The research forms part of a study into workplace performance and the perceived cause and effects of stress, anxiety and worry in the British workforce.

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