Employee Wellbeing For Life Not Just For #BlueMonday

Today is allegedly the most depressing day of the year, the festive feelings fade and the reality of the winter weather sinks in. This day has been named #BlueMonday, every third Monday in January is now Blue Monday, according to the mainstream media.

The Mental Health Foundation has claimed that stress symptoms can “intensify” in the first month of the year, after the New Year resolutions and the Christmas Period is over, with money and work being the two main causes. Employment experts, ELAS, expresses how the ‘holiday blues’ can effect workplace productivity.

ELAS has complied three top tips for employers aiming to beat Blue Monday and ensure that January is as stress free and productive as possible:

  1. Promoting good health: Creating a workplace culture that promotes good health is extremely important. Initiatives such as wellbeing days and consultations with professionals (for example, confidential workplace psychologists and physiotherapists) go a long way towards safeguarding the wellbeing of employees.
  1. Flexible working options: Organisations that promote employee well-being by offering flexible working options are significantly less likely to report ‘pulling a sickie’ as one of their top five causes of absence and additionally, find that employees are less likely to attend work while unwell.
  1. Effective management of absences: Managing absences effectively will also go a long way towards stemming the impact of absenteeism. For example, monitoring absences and conducting back-to-work interviews will enable managers to validate the reason for the absence and also establish whether the employee is well enough to return to work or whether they should be referred to an occupational health consultant.

Remember employee wellbeing is for life not just for #BlueMonday. These tips should be always implemented and embedded in your employee culture, no matter what day it is. As the Bangles once said: “It’s just another Manic Monday”.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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