December can be a slow month in Recruitment

Recruitment teams know this better than anybody, they become more hesitant when it comes to posting their roles on job boards as they know that applicant numbers will be lower than usual and that fresh candidates on CV databases will become less frequent.

Active candidates slow down their job search over the festive period, they stop their daily searches of the job boards, the job hunt can resume in 2016!

Current passive candidates will often use this time to reflect on their current role and perhaps become a little more active in the job market once the Christmas festivities are over.

December can be a slow month in the recruitment world, but it doesn’t have to be.

Being more proactive in your recruitment efforts over Christmas can deliver great results, in fact our data tells us that when presented with a perfect opportunity during December, candidates are 24% more likely to submit an application than any other time of year.

Why is this? We have a few theories as to why December can be a great month to recruit top talent via JobsTheWord:

Less Noise
As both inhouse and agency recruiters slow down their recruitment efforts, candidates are approached less about new roles – both relevant and irrelevant ones! This results in less noise, which means candidates are better equipped to hear about those relevant ones and consider them!

People often use the break to consider their career options and reflect upon their current role with the intention of looking at new opportunities in January. Approaching these candidates during December with a perfect position means they don’t need to start looking in the New Year, they’re in your pipeline and you don’t have to fight with everybody else for their signature come 4th  January!

Less Active
Active jobseekers become less active in searching for a new role, but they’re still very much open to being approached about a new role. If candidates aren’t applying for multiple roles you face less competition from those recruiters who have slowed down for Christmas.

January Pipeline
Come the New Year everybody ramps up their recruitment efforts again. The number of jobs advertised on job boards increases as do the number of emails sent and phone calls made as recruiters desperately begin filling their pipeline. Imagine sitting at your desk on January 4th with a Talent Pool of great candidates ready to enter your process.

If you don’t have a way to target active candidates with the right skills we can be your way to do this, my email address is below.

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