Debbie Does Data

We are living in a dream era to be a sourcer. It can take as little as 5 minutes to find out where a person lives and if you are feeling particularly nosey exactly how much they paid for their house. Scary? Yes, for some absolutely terrifying but for sourcers it’s also equally exciting. How much information is actually out there for anyone to use as they wish? We think “A lot”

Recruiters have taken huge technological steps since the days of cold calling companies and piecing together org charts using post it notes. They have harnessed the ability to source candidates, companies and jobs with the same ease that I can see what Debbie had for tea last night, she had a chicken pasta salad again, her diet is going well.

While simplifying their job these new sourcing tools have also created a problem for recruiters, NOISE. With thousands of recruiters trying to reach the same candidates they are finding it difficult to be heard which is why we have established a sort of megaphone technique; collecting publicly available data from the social web our technology automatically builds passive candidate profiles so busy recruiters can be the first to contact them with a direct email allowing them to be heard above everyone else.

Another issue in the noisy job market is timing.  The importance of timing  is key when there are so many recruiters reaching out to the same candidates, good active candidates can be on and off the market within 10 ten days.  A way to work around this is to include the passive market. There is currently no way of knowing when a person is just about ready to leave or change their job so  when a job role is a suitable  we contact all matching candidates regardless of their current status.

As we continue to develop our software to utilise the mass of data currently available on pretty much everyone, others sit on Facebook being irritated by Debbie and her cheap house and depressing diet.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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