Commuters Contribute Millions To UK Businesses

According to a recent survey from First Great Western, the typical commuter spends 33.5 minutes working on the train every day, with one-in-ten saying they do 45 minutes of work on their commute.

They also found that time spent working on First Great Western services contributes an estimated £150million* each year to businesses across South West England and London.

The survey shows that 36 per cent of respondents said that their main work-related task is checking emails, with others saying research, editing documents and sending files. other activities included checking social media (60 per cent), reading the news (56 per cent), online shopping (22 per cent) and banking online (19 per cent).

Bosses have recognised the extra mile that is being put in on the journey home, 38 per cent said they are allowed to leave early as a result of the work they do on the commute home, but one-in-five are so committed that they use the commute to do overtime.

To access the full report, click here.

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Head of Partnerships
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