Save (swipe right) Destroy (swipe left)

Did you know that recruiters spend on average just 8 seconds scanning a CV before choosing to save (swipe right) or destroy (swipe left)?

According to the UK’s youth programme, National Citizen Service, the pressure on employers to get through hundreds of CVs for entry level jobs has doubled, leading to less time being spent on prospective employees’ initial applications.

I think that it’s unquestionably appalling that such a short time is spent. How can this give them enough time to make such an important decision; especially when people spend hours, days even preparing their CV.

Recruiters are often inundated with job applications

“it’s no surprise that they don’t spend a lot of time carefully reviewing each resume,” says Amanda Augustine, a career expert at TheLadders.

According the National Citizens Service, the average number of applications received by employers over the past two years leaped from 46 in 2013, to 93 today. In addition, out of the 500 employers surveyed, one in ten larger businesses who staff over 250 individuals, stated they saw more than 400 applications for entry level jobs advertised.

Half of employers revealed that they spend less than six seconds reviewing a CV, and also stated that the majority of CVs don’t stand out from the crowd, despite the surge in applications. Entrepreneur and Dragon Den star, Piers Linney, said: “The research shows that because employers have less time than ever to review applications,

the process of reviewing CVs has become almost ‘Tinderised’

with each CV given just a few seconds to stand out against the competition before being kept or cast aside.”

I just can’t help notice how messy this current process is. I wrote an earlier blog on how HR professionals and recruiters feel they are wasting their valuable time sifting through CVs. Coupled with the amount of random, irrelevant CVs popping into your email and the quick glance you give each of them, is this going to give you exceptional results?

Why start your hiring process on the wrong foot? Instead begin the process right. Put your roles in front of the right people, those who have the skills and expertise you are looking for. Don’t just throw the role out there, hoping the right person stumbles across it. This would give you more time to review each candidate and give your even more time to make sure you hire your next star player.

While posting a vacancy on job boards may appear to be a cost-saving measure, your time is valuable, and there are other innovative resources available to alleviate the burden.

We really do have the answer…

Here at JobsTheWord, we understand what an onerous and expensive task recruiting can be. We offer an innovative big data recruitment service that cuts through the noise created by the chaos of the current job market. By using big data we have the ability to analyse hundreds of millions of tiny snippets of information, in a multitude of different formats extracted from the Internet each day, and we are using this to discover high quality candidates for our clients.

We only contact people with the right skills and experience in the locations you select, meaning that you will not have to spend time sifting through irrelevant applicants, only those with the expertise you are looking for.

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