Candidate Experience: Meet Jessie our latest recruit!

How do you discover the ideal candidate to work as part of your team? Well naturally if you are big data recruitment company JobsTheWord you use the power of your own technology to search out the perfect match for your needs.

We were looking for a creative Marketing Assistant to support our Communications Manager with JobsTheWord big data recruitment awareness and story telling. Our search criteria consisted of a list of the specific skill sets required, the fact it should be someone living locally, and we also needed physical evidence of creative flair and a professional attitude to social media.

And here she is! Jessie McGee joined us in May and has integrated seamlessly into the JobsTheWord culture, and has quickly become a valued member of the team.

Jessie stood out from the crowd by miles; she had cleverly incorporated her skill sets using a variety presentation methods – via YouTube, typographic CV and a well written and designed blog – as an innovative way of illustrating her talents. She even sent us a link to access Government funding to support her position should she be successful. Here is what Jessie had to say about her experience of the recruitment application process:

What attracted you to the role?

Having recently graduated from university, I was eager to start developing hands-on skills in marketing and acquire experience within the industry. It’s really tough out there for graduates searching for their first ‘proper’ job; even when you have the qualifications, companies are looking for experience so it’s catch 22.

I had already begun hone my skills and physically illustrate my passion and interest in marketing, social media and creative technologies, by presenting myself online. I started a blog, produced a video résumé and a creative CV, created quick response codes so my perspective employers could download my information and presented myself on social media channels, all with my own personal brand in mind. I understood how important it was to stand out.

When the opportunity to apply for the position of Marketing Assistant was presented to me, I was instantly attracted to apply. Not only was it a position in my chosen career path, it would be working with the team who had built and developed an innovative and unique solution to recruitment. To say I was overjoyed to be given an opportunity with the company is an understatement.

Had you heard of big data recruitment?

I didn’t actually know how big data worked in relation to recruitment, but I understood that there is a considerable amount of data available for companies to tap into; we live in an amazingly digitally connected world. Once I had researched how JobsTheWord used big data to attract active and passive candidates, I instantly recognised the massive benefits this recruitment technique brings to employers looking for the ideal candidates for their roles. I have a keen interest in new technology and joining a young company who develop software programs from complex algorithms utilising the millions of terabytes of online data was an exciting prospect.

How easy was it to apply?

 The process was really easy. The job on offer sounded perfect for me and having read the job description and more about JobsTheWord, I decided to apply; a few clicks later and my application was complete. Having already worked incredibly hard on my CV and extra material to showcase my potential, it was great that I had the opportunity to forward these to JobsTheWord. Not yet having concrete marketing work experience I wanted to convey how much I had to offer.

This is your first job after leaving university, what do you hope to gain from the experience?

I hope to be given the chance to take on further responsibilities and grow and develop within my role. Ultimately, I’d like to be as involved as much as possible; it would be wonderful to see my own ideas incorporated into JobsTheWord’s innovative marketing campaigns.

How has your first few weeks with JobsTheWord been so far?

My first few weeks have been brilliant! Everyone has been extremely welcoming. I am excited to be learning new things about recruitment on a daily basis, plus I love the fact that the office environment beautifully combines heritage with modernity. The buildings are surrounded by stunning countryside and there is the opportunity to walk in the fresh air during breaks; it’s such a pleasure to come to work each day.

What are your ultimate career ambitions?

I would like to gain as much experience as possible in the marketing sector and grow into a valued member of the JobsTheWord team. I need to acquire and master as many skills as possible to enhance my chances of career progression.

A top-secret ambition of mine would be to start my own business. This is my vision for the future though, for now I will be focusing on gaining experience working with the experts, improving and introducing new skills. I’m a firm believer of life-long learning; you should never stand still it’s so easy to be left behind in today’s fast moving world especially when it involves big data!

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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