Candidate Experience: How To Stay Ahead Of The Game In Recruitment

Without doubt, the best way to attract quality passive talent – those already doing the job and have the experience you are looking for – is to make the application process easy. Feedback from our candidate experience polls shows that how a company actually makes them apply for its roles, is crucial in their decision as to whether they bother to respond; they consider the prospect of completing numerous pages via their ATS far too time consuming, especially when they are generally content in the job they are currently undertaking.

In the third of the series of interviews with our candidates, we meet graphic designer Ross Collier who, having gone through the JobsTheWord (JTW) experience, is now happily ensconced at Global River working for our client and founder of the company, Jon Hassett. Ross tells us it was the ability to apply via his LinkedIn profile that clinched the decision as , at the time, he felt he was perfectly happy doing his current job.

What attracted you to the role?

Ross: Having spent 10 years working as an in-house designer for a veterinary training company this role represented a new challenge and the chance to flex my creative muscles on a wider variety of work. With Global River I knew I’d be stepping into a role where I can have a huge impact on the creative direction of the work we do and really be an integral part of the future of the company. I also liked the thought of having Director on my email footer!

How easy was the application process with JTW?

Ross: The process was incredibly easy. Having read the job outline and decided it sounded attractive I simply clicked on the ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ button and wrote a short covering letter. I know from having spoken to Jon that the ability to go straight to a LinkedIn profile allowed him to see a good overall picture of me. On top of the usual information you might have on you CV, such as education, qualifications, etc, he could see that I was operating my own freelance business, view the projects I’d worked on, see my clients, along with their feedback, and explore my website, Facebook page, etc. I think this kind of overview would be incredibly hard to convey using the traditional CV/online forms and simple portfolio often submitted to a job site.

What are you aspirations for the role?

Ross: I’ve brought with me a wide range of skills such as the video editing and motion graphics, which Global River were not able to offer before. I’m looking forward bringing these skill sets to our clients and greatly expanding the range of services we can provide and the scope of projects we can undertake. The ability to grow creatively whilst undertaking challenging and varied projects is such a great opportunity. I’m delighted to be in a position where the role and responsibilities grow as we build and grow the team.

JTW were delighted to commission Ross to edit and produce the video interview of Jon talking about his experience of using JTW as an alternative to job boards.

Mike Sandiford
Head of Partnerships
0207 193 9931

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